GO SUB Subscription Contract Management

Contract manual creation

Customers who have a contract in the past can manually create a contract on behalf of the app management screen.

"Subscription contract"> You can select "Create Contracts"> "Plan Group" or "Manual" in the upper right to create the desired content.


CSV export

CSV export can improve the efficiency of work when migrating subscriber information or on site renovation.
You can import information here simply by importing the exported contract information at the migration destination.

You can download it from "Subscription"> "CSV export" at the top right.


Creating an order

You can manually create a new sub -school order by pressing "Subscription Contract"> Select a contract> "Create an order".

Manual order creation image


You can check the newly created order from "Order history".

Image of order history

Order skipping

"Subscription contract"> Select a contract you want to change> Press "Skip order" to skip one cycle manually.

Order skip image


You can also skip from customers who have purchased.

Check the "Settings"> "Customer Account Page"> "Subscription Status" "Display of the function to skip order cycles".

By making this setting, you can select a skip on your personal account page after purchase.

Update contract information

In the contract information, the status,The next order date, notebook, address, product, plan, delivery fee, delivery date and time can be changed.


About status

In addition to active, you can choose from 5 statuses.

About the next note date

Select "Change" to the right of "Next Order Creation Date" to display the calendar.

You can select the desired date from the calendar.


Change of contract memo

It is also possible to update a memo that can be described in the required items, etc. under the contract.

Address change

You can change the address and contact phone number from the "delivery address" on the right.


Change of product

It is possible to change to other products registered by product management from "Subscription Product" or add products.


Change of shipping fee

You can change the price you want to apply from "Change" on the right of the shipping fee notation.


Plan change

You can change to another group of subscriptions that have already been registered and change to other plans.

In addition, it is possible to change the quantity and price of the product individually by selecting the product in the sub -skop from "Change the product" and "Change the number and price of the product".


Delivery date and time change

You can change the number of leads and adjust the delivery date and time and change the delivery time.