An example image has been added to the translation and text setting page, so you can see where each text field is displayed.

You can now customize text and translation displayed on the product page. The language described is based on the store language used by the customer. You can also set the default language and valid translation from the configuration page> translation setting page.

You can freely change texts for regular purchase options, regular purchase options, discount rates, and discounted prices shown on the product page.

After confirming the pop -up on the customer account page, the message was divided. Using the translation function, you can now customize the contract change completion message.
Message after confirming pop -up
  • Purchase completed now completes the next order date change completion plan change completed
  • Product change completed
  • Product addition is completed
  • Product deletion completed
  • BOX product change completed
  • BOX product addition is completed
  • BOX product deletion completed
  • Delivery date and time change completed
  • Delivery address change completed
  • Sent by e -mail of payment method change
  • Skip the next order
  • Pause of the contract is completed
  • Removate the contract
  • Canceled the contract
Translation and text customization functions have been introduced to the following page.
  • Customer account page
  • BOX page

Translation and text customization function
You can now customize text and translation displayed on your account page or BOX page. The language described is based on the store language used by the customer. You can also set the default language and valid translation from the configuration page> translation setting page.

Translate Setting2 

Support languages ​​and translation detailsHelp pagePlease refer to the.

A link has been added to the product details page to the image of the product on the box page, so if you click the image, it will transition to the product details page.
Purchase button and link creation function
Each subscription group has a cart and check -out link button and can now be added to the store!Select a product, subscription plan, quantity, flying page, etc., issue customized links, directly on the cart page and check -out page with selected products, plans, and quantities selected from the homepage, LP, etc. You can transition!
Buy Link
You can access from the subscription group page of the application management screen.
Buy Link2You can also customize and create buttons that use customized links.The CSS style below on the button can be customized.
  • font size
  • Font thickness
  • Border Kakumaru
  • Button text
  • height
  • Width
* The button code creation function is for those who are familiar with developers and themes.Buy Link3The app is automatically created with the button Liquid and JavaScript code, and the developer can freely add the button code to add it directly to the theme.* Since the files of each theme are different, the following are just examples.Put the LIQUID code in the Liquid file with your desired theme.
Buy Link4The javascript code you want JavaScript in the file. It is recommended that you put it in the lower part of the javascped file.
Buy Link5
Buy Link6
If the language of the user's browser is Japanese, the box page should have been displayed in Japanese, but the Box page may be displayed only in English. This bug has been modified.
Customer account page color setting function
You can now change the color of the section details of your account page from the application management screen!App management screen> Setting page> Color setting page can be set.The ones that can customize the color are as follows.
  • Button color
  • Button text color
  • Icon color
  • Status bar color
  • Text button color
  • Modal text color
  • Modal background color

* The background color and text color are used for color settings for the theme in use.The color of the button hover and the sub -text have been revised so that the customization of the color is reflected.
GO SUB has supported the Multecarensy store!
Once the SHOPIFY market is set, a contract can be created in multiple currency in one store, and changes, additions, plans, etc. will be performed by contract currency.For example, if you create a contract with USD, it will be displayed in USD when changing / adding or planning contracts. Or, in the same store, other customers create a contract with JPY, and when changing the contract, it is displayed and calculated. Previously, only the main currency of the store was supported.We use Contextual Pricing based on SHOPIFY location. The currency of the contract is determined in your country by setting the SHOPIFY market.After the contract is created, the customer calculates the new price of the product based on the country of address when changing, adding, plans, etc. from the customer account page. GO SUB uses a contract address, contract request address, or your default address. As with the currency of the store, the currency of the contract is also based on the country of the customer's address, and the currency of the contract also follows the setting of the SHOPIFY market. All new prices are calculated as the function of SHOPIFY's Contextual Pricing.
important point
  • If the currency of the contract is different from the market setting in the customer's country, you will not be able to change the plan or product from the customer account page. It is not recommended that you use add -ons such as currency selection in the store and freely select the desired currency.
  • In the Multichalencies store, the price discount of the subscription plan may not work properly other than the main currency of the store, so use a percentage discount instead.
  • The dashboard is displayed only in the same currency contract as the main currency in the store. In the future, we plan to add a function to further support multiple currency stores.
When changing the subscription subscription group, bugs that were not displayed in the modal occurred occasionally, but this bug was modified.
There were occasional bugs that could not save the numbered subscription plan, but this bug has been modified.

Go Sub has added a subscription BOX function! The subscription BOX is a form of kitting that regularly ships multiple products to customers. Customers can select products from the specified products and customize the BOX.

Function details and setting methodsHerePlease refer to the.

GO SUB has now supported a theme with a sticky cart.
Added compatibility with digital (shipping is not required) with subscription products. Currently, GO SUB can now provide subscription options for digital products.Please note the following points for digital products.
  • In the first order of the contract, if you purchase only digital products, only digital products can be added after the first order. When purchasing only digital products, you will not be able to add or change the product to be shipped because the contract does not have an address.
  • In the first order of the contract, when purchasing a digital product (usually purchased or regularly purchased), the contract is attached to the contract. In this case, the details of the customer account page will also display the address, delivery date and time, etc. In addition, you can freely add and change both digital and shipping products after the first order.
* Regarding the settings of the customer account page, you can set the product change / addition, the delivery date and time, display of the delivery address, etc. from the setting page of the customer account page of the application management screen.* In the case of a product change or addition, it can be changed or added to the product in the same subscription group.From the above precautions, it is not recommended to mix ships and digital products when selecting the target products of the subscription group. It is recommended that you restrict only digital products or only ships from the subscription group.

Discounts can be set according to the number of purchases of customers.
Set the first discount and lower the hurdle for subscriptions to have the first purchase.
You can set a discount according to the following number of purchases.

  • Initial discount
  • ○%discount after the second time
  • From the 4th time ○ yen discount