ECのプロが運用する Yahoo!広告運用代行ECのプロが運用する Yahoo!広告運用代行

E-commerce Professionals Operate Yahoo! Advertising on Behalf of e-commerce

Please leave it to Yahoo! advertisements on the EC site! Advertising operation fee 50,000 yen to/month, monthly advertising budget is less than 200,000 yen!

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The more detailed chargesWHITEPAPER DOWNLOADPlease contact us.

Minimum plan

510,000 yen/month

  • Overall advertising budget -1 million/month
  • Campaign settings
  • monthly report
  • 1 simple banner production

The best minimum plan! Monthly MTG is not included.

standard plan

710,000 yen/month

  • Overall advertising budget -1 million/month
  • Campaign settings
  • monthly report
  • Monthly MTG
  • Simple banner production 2 points

In addition to the monthly MTG, we will produce up to two simple banner production.

Premium plan

1010,000 yen/month

  • Total advertising budget 1 million ~/month
  • Campaign settings
  • monthly report
  • Monthly MTG
  • Simple banner production 2 points

Click here if the total advertising budget is 1 million yen or more!

In addition, the initial advertisement is about 200,000 yen / formula.

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Do you have any problems with Yahoo! advertising operation?


I don't know which distribution to distribute


I don't know the keyword selection that suits my products


I don't know how to set targeting and advertising


You cannot secure the resources to be managed and operated


It is not easy to lead to sales

With GO RIDE listing advertising operation service
All will be solved!

The three reasons that go ride listing ads are recommended

お客様のブランドに合わせた 最適なYahoo!広告の設計
Tailed to your brand
The best Yahoo! advertising design

We will propose optimal distribution methods from various distributions from various distribution aspects, such as users searching on Yahoo!, users who surf the Internet on the web, and users who are shopping at Yahoo! Shopping.

広告運用からバナー・動画などの  クリエイティブ制作までワンストップで対応
From advertising operation to banners, videos, etc.
One -stop correspondence until creative production

The marketer is responsible for the distribution design of advertising and the advertising sentence -effect analysis and improvement measures, and the designers are responsible for design and production of banners and videos. We aim to maximize advertising effects by one -stop teams by teams with their strengths.

毎月の定例会実施による 成果を上げるPDCA体制
PDCA system to improve the results of monthly regular meetings

In order to continue to increase the number of purchases and continue to increase sales, it is important to improve text, banner and video creative. Go Ride is a regular meeting of once a month, devising improvement measures from retrospect of verification results, and introduces a system that continues to support improvement.

Our case

Case 1

【革グッズ事業】 リスティング広告運用4ヶ月でCPA1/3に削減

Case 2

【美容事業】 リスティング広告運用開始3ヶ月でROAS267%達成

What is Yahoo! Advertising?

Yahoo! Advertising is a service that allows you to post advertisements for Yahoo! JAPAN services and affiliated services. There are a wide variety of advertisements, such as search advertisements and display ads, and can approach a wide range of users according to their purpose.

A wide range of approaches are possible in Japan's largest media

Japan's largest monthly page views using Yahoo!

Search keywords: 81 or more

Monthly page view: Approximately 84 billion

User reach rate: 80 % smartphone and 64 % PC

Yahoo! User base different from Google

The number of layers that can be approached with Yahoo! advertisements is increasing in their 40s-60s. In addition, there are many personal computer users and you can approach users with different layers from Google.

Yahoo! unique publication

It can be posted on the services you own, such as Yahoo! News and Yahoo! Chiebukuro. There is a posting surface that boasts the largest page view in Japan, so you can approach a wide range of people.

Work content for Yahoo advertising agency

Adjustment of keyword selection / addition / stop
Creating and optimization of advertising statements
Banner proposal -Production
Proposal of advertising design
Selection of attributes such as regions, gender, age, etc.
Optimization of bid unit price
LP・広告文・キーワードの ABテスト
AB test of LP / advertising sentence / keyword
Monthly report creation / report regular meeting

Features of Go Ride advertising operation

We will tell you the characteristics of the advertising service service that has been introduced to increase the sales of EC.

Characteristics 1

Support range

Characteristics 2

Liberation of advertising account permission

Advertising menu that can be operated other than listing ads

Various advertisements are possible not only to listen ads but also to increase sales. You can consult not only your own EC advertising but also the Mall Amazon advertisements and Rakuten ads.

リスティング広告以外に 運用可能な広告メニューリスティング広告以外に 運用可能な広告メニュー

Flow to the start of advertising operation

With a wide range of services, please leave policy proposals and execution according to the business phase.

01 Paper
  • Hearing
  • Request for business and goal setting
  • Free quote
02 gear
  • Measures proposal
  • Implementation of measures
03 check
  • Effect measurement
  • Development report
04 Light
  • Improvement measures proposal
  • Implementation of measures


A. Of course. We will propose the best ads for your products and phases.

A. It is possible. In addition to creative creation, it is also possible to take photography according to your wishes.

A. Free. Please feel free to contact us because we also accept advertising accounts for free.

A. Of course. Designers and engineers are enrolled and can be consulted widely.

A. It is possible. We will estimate the budget.