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Largest ecommerce platform market share in the world! If you need an e-commerce site that sells, Shopify is the answer.

We are certified as a Shopify Plus Partner, a Shopify Certified Expert.
We offer a wide range of Shopify services, from domestic and international e-commerce support to website building and management support.
We specialize in mid to long-term support from the start of your business leading up to strategic planning, and continuously improving operations by using the PDCA cycle efficiently to maximize results.
We can also provide support for small to mid jobs as well. By having services like e-commerce website building and website renewal, we will support your business to maximize the results, utilizing Shopify's unique features.
We can also create brand websites flexibly and landing pages that are well above your competition’s creative skill.

With teams based in both Japan and Los Angeles, we are particularly strong in North America-related projects, especially cross-border e-commerce.
If you are planning to expand your business overseas, please contact us and we will help you with a global approach that only GO RIDE can provide.


ALL REVIEWS / 4.9(9)


They participated in meetings and email exchanges with overseas clients in English, and built the site as we had hoped in a speedy and flexible manner. The people in charge were also very kind and polite, and despite the short time frame, the project progressed very smoothly.
In addition to site development, we also received support for web marketing based on branding and a wide range of other services. We would like to continue our relationship with this company.


They listened carefully to our requirements and what we wanted, and created a site that could be easily updated without coding.
We were very impressed with their understanding of our brand and the way they created a stylish site with a design that fits our target audience.
Thank you very much for not only building the site, but also for listening to our voice and making various suggestions to make the operation as easy as possible. We look forward to working with you again in the future.


To sum up, I am very satisfied with the results. We were very demanding, and our response time was slow, so we apologize for the inconvenience, but they were able to provide us with a high level of completion in a short period of time. We have been thinking that we need to go back to the basics and create a tool that can properly communicate our business and thoughts about our products to the world as a manufacturer. As a precondition for the launch of the BTOB site and the brand site, I spent several months seriously thinking about what our brand is. I still want to accomplish more, and there are still a lot of things I want to send out, so I’m looking forward to our continued cooperation

★★★★★Union Online Shop

We asked them to build our e-commerce site. Among the several companies we visited, they conducted a very thorough interview and were able to accurately grasp and formulate what we wanted to create. During the production process, we received suggestions for applications that met our needs, and we were able to streamline the shipping process. In addition, we asked for a short delivery time for our convenience, and you were able to finish on time. We would like to ask you again for our next venture in EC. Thank you very much!


Shopify is used in 175 countries around the world.


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Customize your store with over 100 website templates and more than 2000 apps. Shopify's UI is not only fashionable, but also features a wide range of functionality.


Shopify has no initial installation fees. You can operate a highly functional online store for as low as $29/month. You can also use a wide variety of useful apps at a low cost.


Shopify is a Canadian e-commerce site building service used by more than 1 million stores in 175 countries around the world. Websites can easily be multilingual and support more than 130 currencies.


It comes with a free SSL certificate and unlimited capacity for images and number of products. A site performance (display speed) check function is included as standard, making operation and management easy.

Integrated inventory management and sales channel expansion through multi-channel integration!

Shopify is a multi-channel platform that not only supports your own e-commerce site, but also Facebook, Instagram, Amazon*, eBay*, Rakuten Market, and brick-and-mortar stores can be linked as well. By expanding your sales channels, you can expect an increase in your sales. Amazon* can be linked only in the U.S. eBay can be linked by using an external linkage tool.

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GO RIDE, a digital creative agency in Yokohama and Los Angeles, is a Shopify Plus Partner, Shopify certified expert, and Google Partner (authorized Google Ad agency).

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GO RIDE is certified as a "Shopify Plus Partner". We provide support for both domestic and international e-commerce web design, development, and operation. We can take your business global, as we have native Japanese, English, and French speaking staff members.


GO RIDE's professional team provides a one-stop total support solution for digital branding that requires knowledge of multiple channels. Our services include CI design, marketing, social media marketing, and online ad management.


Have you ever had any issues that cannot be solved by any existing Shopify apps? GO RIDE offers an affordable Shopify app development service to help your website deliver the best possible user experience.


Have you ever had any issues that cannot be solved by any existing Shopify apps? GO RIDE offers an affordable Shopify app development service to help your website deliver the best possible user experience.


Let GO RIDE handle the localization and marketing of your U.S. and Japan cross-border projects. With many highly-skilled bilingual staff members, we offer the best solutions to meet your needs, whether your customers are based in the U.S. or Japan. Our services include E-commerce development, advertising management, email marketing, and SNS consulting from both the U.S. and Japanese perspectives.


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