About before introduction

Go Ride, a SHOPIFY PLUS PARTNER, provides secure support and counseling from installation to operation. You can try abundant functions with a starter plan of $ 0 per month.
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About plans and fees

There are starter plan, basic, and premium plans.
The premium plan is advantageous with monthly sales $ 2,600 or more.
• Starter ($ 0/month -2% sub -skask sales fee)
• Premium ($ 39/month-0.5% sub -skask sales commission)
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You can change the plan on the way.
In the case of an upgrade, it is calculated daily according to the price difference and the remaining number of days of the billing cycle. In the case of downgrade, the credit of the application is provided based on the difference in price and the remaining days of the billing cycle.
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If you delete the app, the plan will be canceled and future claims will be stopped.
If you want to delete the app, we recommend that you cancel all valid subscriptions in advance.
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About introduction

HereYou can install the app from.

Currently, OS 1.0 and 2.0 themes are supported.
If you have any questions or questions about the installation of the theme,app.support@goriderep.comPlease contact us.

We provide free installation and setup support.
For inquiriesapp.support@goriderep.comPlease do so.

Currently, we are supporting data migration from other sub -school apps.

About function

About the list of functionsHelp pagePlease check more.

There is no limit.

If you are out of stock, there is no function to prevent regular purchases from recurring, so be careful.

Currently, when the customer accesses the product page, the normal purchase is usually default, but you can customize the default on the theme side.app.support@goriderep.comPlease contact us.

Currently, only SHOPIFY PAYMENTS is available.

If you cannot pay, you will not complete the sub -school order. You can use the function to update your credit card information or reissue the claim on the management page.

It is possible in cooperation with SHOPIFY FLOW.

➝ We add and update new functions from time to time.
The latest informationHere

About cooperation

It is possible to cooperate with the next engine.

SHOPIFY FLOW custom trigger starting from customer behavior at GO Subscride

・ Change of subscription status of subsc

・ Subsque customers cancel the contract for all sub -schools

・ Changes in the following delivery date and time

・ Change of product contracts

・ Change of cycle of subscriber contract

Custom trigger at SHOPIFY FLOW that was automatically acted on Go Subscride

・ Creating an order for sub -skop

・ Successful to request a subscription contract

1. First, see if the Shopify Flow app has been installed. (Currently Shopify Flow can be installed only in the SHOPIFY PLUS store)

2. Select the theme used in the "Introduction Method" page in the Go Subscride application, and click the "Install" button in the asset section just below the theme selection section.

3. In the SHOPIFY FLOW application trigger, when selecting a trigger, the extension of GO Subscride is automatically reflected, so you can select a GO SUBSCRIDE custom trigger there.

・ Subsque customers have been canceled all subscs with triggers

・ Agent tags such as "Add Customer Tags (no sub -skop contract)" in the action

・ Segment by tag and send dormant customers offer recommended products, etc.

Then you liked the product, but you can send an email to the customer who canceled it because the product was still left at home.

1. Open the Shopify Flow app and click the Create Workflow button.

2. Click the "Select A Trigger" button.

3. Click "GO SUBSCRIDE" in the section of "Installed App Triggers".

4. Select a custom trigger for Go Subscride.

5. After selecting the trigger, click the plus button on the right of "Output".

6. Select "Condition" or "Action".

7. (In this case, select a tag action.) Select the SHOPIFY action.

8. Add a tag.

9. Finally, edit the name of Workflow and click the "Turn on Workflow" button to complete.

10. By cooperating with SHOPIFY FLOW, it is now possible to prevent cancellation and LTV improvement measures!

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