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Do you have any of the following problems with your Yahoo Ads?


We don't know which delivery platform to distribute on.


We don't know how to select the right keywords for our products.


You don't know how to set up targeting and ad text.


You don't have the resources to manage and operate your ads.


It does not lead to sales.

GO RIDE's listing ad management service solves it all!

Three reasons why we recommend GO RIDE's Listing Ads

お客様のブランドに合わせた 最適なYahoo!広告の設計
Optimal Yahoo! Ads design for your brand

We will propose the best delivery method for users who are searching on Yahoo!

広告運用からバナー・動画などの  クリエイティブ制作までワンストップで対応
One-stop service from ad management to creative production of banners, videos, etc.

Marketers are in charge of ad delivery design, ad text drafting, effectiveness analysis, and improvement measures, while designers are in charge of banner and video design and production. We aim to maximize advertising effectiveness by providing a one-stop service with a team that possesses the strengths of each.

毎月の定例会実施による 成果を上げるPDCA体制
PDCA system to improve results through regular monthly meetings

In order to continuously reduce the number of purchases and increase sales, it is important to improve the creative of text, banners, and videos. GO RIDE has introduced a system to support continuous improvement by reviewing verification results and devising improvement measures at regular meetings held more than once a month.


Case 1

【革グッズ事業】 リスティング広告運用4ヶ月でCPA1/3に削減

Case 2

【美容事業】 リスティング広告運用開始3ヶ月でROAS267%達成

What is Yahoo! Ads?

Advertising is a service that allows ads to be posted on Yahoo! There are a wide variety of ad types, including search and display ads, allowing you to reach a wide range of users according to their objectives.

A wide range of approaches is possible with one of Japan's largest media

One of Japan's largest monthly page view counts using Yahoo! JAPAN and several other media leads to high customer attraction power and user reach rate.

Number of search keywords: 81 or more

Monthly page views: approx. 84 billion

User reach rate: 80% for smartphones and 64% for PCs

User demographics of Yahoo! different from Google

The target audience for Yahoo! ads is mostly people in their 40s to 60s. In addition, the number of PC users is large, making it possible to reach a different demographic than Google.

Unique advertising surface on Yahoo!

News, Yahoo! Chiebukuro, and other services owned by Yahoo! News and Yahoo! Chiebukuro. With one of the largest page views in Japan, you can reach a wide range of users.

Yahoo! Ads Operations

Adjustment of keyword selection, adding and suspension creation
Optimization of advertising text
Banner proposal - production
Proposal of ad design
Selection of attributes such as region, gender, age, etc.
Optimization of bidding rates
LP・広告文・キーワードの ABテスト
AB testing of LPs, ad text, and keywords
Monthly reporting and regular reporting meetings

Features of GO RIDE Ad Operations

We are pleased to inform you of the features of our advertising management service that we have introduced to increase e-commerce sales.

Feature 1

Wide range of support

Feature 2

Release of advertising account privileges.

Advertising menu other than listing ads

We can support not only listing advertisements, but also various other types of advertisements to increase sales. We can help you with not only your own e-commerce ads, but also Amazon and Rakuten ads in malls.

リスティング広告以外に 運用可能な広告メニューリスティング広告以外に 運用可能な広告メニュー

Would you like to consult with an e-commerce professional?

Our professionals will diagnose your account operation status for free.



01 paper
  • ヒアリング
  • ご用件整理・目標設定
  • 無料お見積もり
02 gear
  • 施策提案
  • 施策実行
03 check
  • 効果測定
  • 成果ご報告
04 light
  • 改善施策提案
  • 施策実行


全体広告予算 ~50万円/月


  • 各広告運用
  • 月次レポート
  • 月次ミーティング1回
  • 簡易クリエイティブ込(稼働4時間まで)

全体広告予算 ~100万円/月


  • 各広告運用
  • 月次レポート
  • 月次ミーティング1回
  • 簡易クリエイティブ込 (稼働4時間まで)

全体広告予算 100万円+/月



  • 各広告運用
  • 月次レポート
  • ミーティング月1回~
  • 簡易クリエイティブ込(稼働4時間まで)





Frequently Asked Questions

A. Yes. We will propose the most suitable advertisement for your products and phases.

A. Yes. In addition to creatives, we can also provide photography services upon request.

A. Yes, it is free of charge. We also offer free account checks for advertisements, so please feel free to contact us.

A. Yes. We have designers and engineers on staff, and can provide a wide range of services.

A. Yes, we can. We will provide an estimate according to your budget.