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GO RIDE is a Shopify Plus Partner with extensive experience in e-commerce sales, and as a Google Certified "Google Partner" company, our e-commerce professionals will support your advertising in malls such as Amazon and Rakuten based on our proven track record!

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  • 全体広告予算〜100万/月
  • キャンペーン設定
  • 月次レポート
  • 簡易バナー制作1点




  • 全体広告予算〜100万/月
  • キャンペーン設定
  • 月次レポート
  • 月次MTG
  • 簡易バナー制作2点




  • 全体広告予算100万〜/月
  • キャンペーン設定
  • 月次レポート
  • 月次MTG
  • 簡易バナー制作2点


その他、広告初期設定として〜20万円 / 式がかかります。

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Five common issues that mall store owners face

Sales are not good

Sales are not going well after opening a store on Amazon.

Sales are not in line with the advertising cost.

Cost-effectiveness is not matching the current advertising costs

Only Amazon is not doing well.

For some reason, we are not selling on Amazon, even though we are selling at other malls

I don't know why my sales are declining.

Sales are declining, but you don't know why and can't make improvements

Lack of resources

We don't have enough people to run the operation.

As a Shopify Plus partner, we have e-commerce professionals who can provide marketing support through Amazon ads!

3 Reasons Why GO RIDE's Amazon Ads are Recommended

The biggest advantage of Amazon Ads: You can focus your ads on users who are highly motivated to buy from among 47 million users.

Amazon boasts the largest number of users among online malls, and you can distribute your ads to users who "want to buy" from among those users. By being able to distribute advertisements focusing on users with a high willingness to buy, you can reduce advertising costs and increase the effectiveness of your advertisements compared to other advertising media.

Display your products where users can see them

By using Amazon ads, you can place your products on the first page of the website where they are most likely to be seen. By targeting your ads to users who are more inclined to buy, you can increase sales and realize cost-effectiveness.

We are e-commerce professionals, so we can offer you the best ads for your business.

As a Shopify Plus partner, we have extensive experience in supporting e-commerce, so we can provide professional support for your mall. We will propose the most cost-effective and suitable advertisements for you.

Flow up to the start of ad operations

With our wide range of service development, you can trust us to propose and execute measures that match your business phase.

01 paper
  • ヒアリング
  • ご用件整理・目標設定
  • 無料お見積もり
02 gear
  • 施策提案
  • 施策実行
03 check
  • 効果測定
  • 成果ご報告
04 light
  • 改善施策提案
  • 施策実行

For e-commerce-specific needs
Leave it to GO RIDE

To achieve maximum results at minimum cost, integrated strategy and execution are important.
Even if you place an order with an outside agency to manage your ads, most regular agencies specialize in advertising.
GO RIDE provides one-stop support for Shopify development and modification and digital marketing.
In addition, you can reduce communication costs by narrowing down your contact to GO RIDE, which can provide support for the entire process.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Please contact us using the inquiry form so we can confirm the requirements and issues of each company and provide you with more detailed information.

A. Please download our service brochure & price plan, or contact us for a free valuation.

A. No problem, we can consult with you even at the point of launching on Amazon.

A. Yes, we can customize a plan according to your objectives and requirements. We can also start small, and then change and add to the plan as you go along.

A. We have a local office in LA, and we have extensive experience in handling cross-border projects. We provide a wide range of support services from strategic planning to marketing initiatives, so please feel free to contact us.