Information security policy

First Edition
October 5, 2022
Go Ride Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Hirashima Toyo

We, Go Ride Co., Ltd., considers the mission to contribute to society by responding to the expectations of all stakeholders, such as customers, employees and their families, through the provision of e -commerce site production and operation, digital marketing, and application development projects. 。

In our business activities, we use a lot of information assets, including personal information received from customers, and to meet the expectations of all stakeholders, protecting these information assets is the best management. I recognize it as an important issue.

Therefore, we formulate information security policies, build and operate ISMS (information security management system) based on this policy, and work on continuous improvement based on changes in the environment surrounding us. Declare that here.
In addition, we will set the following security objectives and implement measures to achieve this purpose.

1. Respect and comply with contracts and legal or regulation requirements.

2. Prevents information security accidents.
3. In the event of an information security accident, the impact is minimized.