GO SUBSCRIDE Terms of Service

Article 1 (purpose)

One Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") is the "Go Subscride" (hereinafter referred to as the application "(hereinafter referred to as the application" provided by Go Ride Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company"). The purpose of this app is to determine the necessary conditions when using the service provided by the Company). 

2) These agreements shall be applied when using this service, along with the display in this app or the conditions published in the "Shopify App Store" operated by SHOPIFY Inc., (hereinafter, these Terms). Including, it is called "these agreements, etc."). 

3) Users of this service shall agree to these Terms, etc. and comply with the contents of these Terms, etc. It is called a contract.)

Article 2 (Change of Terms)

1) The Company may change these Terms and the like at any time without obtaining the consent of the user in advance. Provided, however, that if the user's consent is required for changes in the laws and regulations, the provisions of the law shall be followed.

2) If these Terms, etc. are changed according to the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the contents shall be applied to the user. 

3. The Company shall promptly notify the user or publish the change in the preceding paragraph. 

4. Separately from the Company, SHOPIFY Inc. may revise the conditions, but the user shall comply with the rules and other conditions specified by Shopify Inc. when using this service, and we will comply with the terms and other conditions. We are not responsible for this.

Article 3 (provided area)

The area provided by this service shall be limited to Japan, except in cases specifically.

Article 4 (conclusion of contracts, etc.)

(1) In the service usage contract, the applicant (the person who wishes to conclude a service use contract, the same applies hereinafter) installs this app, input and transmits the prescribed matters specified by the Company, and the Company accepts it. It will be established at the time. In addition, the applicant shall apply for the content of this agreement, etc., and shall apply, and at the time the applicant applies, the company has accepted the contents of these agreements, etc. I will consider it.

(2) The contents of these Terms are the contents of the service usage contract between users and the Company.

Article 5 (re -commission)

The Company shall be able to re -outsource all or part of the work related to this service to a third party at our responsibilities, and the user shall accept this in advance.

Article 6 (maintenance)

1. The Company shall provide a planned maintenance (hereinafter referred to as “planning maintenance”) for smooth operation of the Service, and provides the Service to implement planning maintenance. It may temporarily suspend. At this time, the Company shall notify users in the planning maintenance of the planned maintenance by the method specified by the Company. 

2) Regardless of the provisions of the preceding paragraph, when we determine that it is unavoidable to maintain this service, we will temporarily provide this service to implement an emergency maintenance (hereinafter referred to as "emergency maintenance"). It may be interrupted. At this time, the Company shall publish an emergency maintenance on our website (https://goriderep.com/) immediately after the emergency maintenance.

Article 7 (data storage, etc.)

1) In the use of this service, the user shall save the data, etc. required by the user in the data, etc. registered and stored by the user in this service environment as a backup. 

2) Of the data registered and saved by the user in the Service environment, the following data is used for the purpose of improving the service, considering new services, distribution of advertising, etc., and advertising distribution companies and development. It may be provided to third parties such as the company. The following data does not include personal information or personal data. 

1. Data such as product names and amounts, etc. sold by users on SHOPIFY 
2. Data such as inflow routes to websites operated by users on SHOPIFY 
3. Statistical information based on category categories such as gender or age group

    Article 8 (intellectual property right)

    1) All intellectual property rights related to this service and this application belong to the legitimate right holder (hereinafter referred to as "the Company" in this Article) that permites the Company or the Company, and the consequence of this usage agreement. The permit of the use of this service does not mean the permission of the Company, which is beyond the use of this service and this application, to the user.

    2 Unless it is explicitly stipulated in the Terms of Use, this service, this app and the Terms of Serial Terms of the Company provided to users, images, images, audio, programs, etc. Intellectual property rights and all other rights and authority belong to the Company.

    Article 9 (prohibited items)

    The user shall not perform the following acts in the use of this service. 

    1. Acts that infringe or infringe on intellectual property rights such as the copyright of the Company or third parties, trademark rights, etc. 
    2. A lot of connection acts to a computer held by a third party repeatedly in a state where it is difficult to use the computer. 
    3. Acts to collect third -party personal information without obtaining the consent of the person or by fraudulent means 
    4. The act of falsifying or erasing information that can be used by using this service 
    5. Acts to use this service by spoofing our company or third party 
    6. Acts that may hinder or operate the equipment of the Company or third parties, or may be given 
    7. Acts to send or post harmful computer programs, etc., or in a state where third parties can be received 
    8. If the procedure for notification to the supervision agency, etc. based on the laws and regulations is required for procedures such as obtaining licenses, etc., the acts that do not perform the procedure or other laws and regulations. 
    9. In addition to the above items, acts that violate the law or public order and morals, impair our trust, infringe our property, or to disadvantage to third parties. The act of leaving the act that falls under any of each issue, or leaving it without taking appropriate measures while knowing that the act of the third party exists.
    10. Other acts that we deemed inappropriate

      Article 10 (usage fee)

      1 For users, the Company will separately set the usage fee (hereinafter referred to as "usage fee") to be set by the Company separately by the Company as a price for the use of this service. It shall be paid to the Company by the specified payment method. 

      2) If the user delays the payment of the usage fee, the user shall pay the company with a ratio of 14. 6 % a year.

      3 The Company shall change the usage fee at any time. However, if the usage fee is changed, the user shall be notified of the change of usage fee by the two weeks when the change is applied.

      4. After the notification set forth in the preceding paragraph, if the service is not canceled, etc., and continues to use this service after the application fee is applied, it shall be deemed to have agreed to change the usage fee.

      Article 11 (end of this service)

      1) The user or the Company can immediately cancel all or part of the service usage contract without any notification or notification to the other party if any of the following items are applicable to one of the following items. will do. 

      1. When bills or checks are lost 
      2. When seizure, provisional seizure, provisional disposal, or auctioned, or when tax delinquency 
      3. When bankruptcy proceedings, specific mediation procedures, company rehabilitation procedures started or civil rehabilitation procedures, or when they have filed a similar bankruptcy procedure, or when they enter the liquidation. 
      4. When trying to transfer all of the business or important part of the business to third parties 
      5. When the supervision agency receives cancellation or suspension of sales, or when it is tried to abolish the business, it is reasonably expected that a service usage contract cannot be fulfilled. 
      6. When there is a fact that is contrary to the statement specified in Article 17, or when there is an act that is contrary to the promise. 
      7. When the debt based on the service usage contract is not fulfilled, and the other party is notified within the period, despite receiving a considerable period of a considerable period of the other party. 

        (2) In the event of any of the preceding paragraphs, the user or the Company shall immediately lose the profit of the deadline and immediately reimburse all the monetary debt to be borne to the other party.

        Article 12 (Suspension of this service)

        (1) If any of the following is the case, the Company shall be able to suspend all or part of the service without prior notice to the user.

        (1) When performing regular or urgently performing or maintaining the hardware, software, communication equipment, and other related devices or system

        (2) When it is difficult to provide this service due to obstacles such as computers or communication lines, incorrect operation, excessive access, unauthorized access, hacking, and other unexpected factors.

        (3) When a security problem about this service occurs

        (4) Natural disaster, war, warfare, blockage, trade suspension, revolution, riot, infectious diseases, other plague or other plague or facilities or facilities or facilities, damage, fire, typhoon, earthquakes, floods, and other controls Reason

        (5) If it becomes difficult to operate this service due to laws and regulations or measures based on these

        (6) If we other than the Company, we will need it

        2. At the discretion of the Company, we have the right to suspend the use of this service account of specified or unspecified users. Even if the account is suspended by the Company, the Company shall not be liable to explain the reasons for the account.

        3 The Company shall not be liable for any damages caused by the Company in the preceding two paragraphs.

        Article 13(Handling of secret information)

        1) The user will handle the secrets of the Company in advance, unless the Company has a prior written consent to disclose the company in relation to the user to handle it secretly. will do.

        2) We handle personal information about users in accordance with our privacy policy according to our personal information protection policy. The user agrees to handle personal information according to this privacy policy.

        Article 14 (responsibility for this service)

        1) We are laws that apply to users to use the Services to the user, with the use of the service by the user, with the use of the service by the user, which complies with the user's specific purposes, has product value, accuracy, and usefulness. Or, regardless of whether or not there is any problem that complies with the internal rules of industry groups, continuous use, and no problems, it does not guarantee anything. 

        2) Even if the user uses the functions or services for the migration support provided by the Company or third parties, when the user shifts from another company's service to the service, the Company or the third party will transfer. It is not a guarantee that there will be no trouble due to the results or the transition, but the transfer work shall be performed at the cost and responsibility of the user. 

        3 The Company is not responsible for the disability or troubles that occur in this service due to the functions or services provided by third parties, including SHOPIFY Inc.. 

        4 The Company does not become a party, agent, mixture, etc. for transactions using this service between users and consumers, etc. I will not be imposed. In the unlikely event that debt default, returned goods, defects, or other problems occur between users and general consumers, it shall be resolved between users and general consumers. 。

        5) The Company, even if the Company is responsible for these Terms, etc., the User's intentional or negligence due to the damage caused by the user in this service, has been damaged by the User. The user shall not be liable for damages beyond the equivalent of the service usage fee paid by the user in the month, and also associate, indirect damage, special damages, future damage. And the lost profits shall not be liable for compensation. 

        6) If the user uninstalls this app within the period of using this service, shall bear all the disadvantages that can be caused by itself.

        7. The Company does not guarantee that the Service and this application comply with the administrative regulations of each country, such as GDPR, CCPA, and ADA, and the user has been fined due to violation of administrative regulations in each country. We are not responsible for any responsibility.

        8 In addition to the provisions up to the preceding paragraphs, the Company uses this app, or due to any obstacles, including disorder due to communication disorders in this application, problems of the user's hardware, and the user's hardware. We are not responsible for any damage to be caused.

        Article 15 (Prohibition of transfer of rights, etc.)

        The user shall not transfer or lend the rights and obligations based on the service use contract to a third party.

        Article 16 (Service modification)

        1) We may abolish the provision of this service. In that case, the Company shall notify the user after the one -month notice period. 

        2. The Company may add, change, or abolish the service at the decision of the Company, for the purpose of improving this service.

        3 The Company shall not be liable for any damages caused by the Company in the preceding paragraphs.

        Article 17 (exclusion of anti -social forces, etc.)

        (1) The user shall, at this time and in the future, states that they do not fall under any of the following items, and shall be guaranteed. 

        1. Gangsters, gang members, gangsters, gangsters related companies, general assembly stores, social movements, gorgeous goro, special intelligence gang groups, cult -like religious organizations, and others who are equivalent to these) ") Or being an anti -social force 
        2. Anti -social forces control management 
        3. The representative, the person in charge or the person who is substantially involved in the management must be anti -social forces 
        4. Have a relationship that is deemed to be using antisocial forces, such as the purpose of self -or third party fraud. 
        5. Have a relationship that is deemed to be provided by anti -social forces, such as providing funds to anti -social forces or providing convenience. 
        6. Have a relationship to be socially blamed, such as closely dating with anti -social forces 
        7. Make an act of intimidating behavior or using violence in transactions 
        8. Wind the theory of wind theory, or use a fake or power to damage the other party's trust, or to interfere with the other party's work. 

          (2) If the user violates the preceding paragraph, the Company may immediately suspend or suspend the business, or cancel all or part of this agreement without requiring any notice to the user. You can do it. In this case, the Company is not responsible for the user, even if the user is damaged due to the suspension of the transaction or the cancellation of the usage contract, and the company will be damaged. In the event that it occurs, it shall not hinder the claim for damages to the user.

          Article 18 (possibility of separation)

          Even if any of the terms or parties of these Terms of Use are determined to be invalid or cannot be executed by laws, etc., the remaining or part of the Terms of Use will continue to be fully effective. The Company and the Users shall correct the disabled or unable to execute clause or part to the extent necessary to provide executive power, and the purpose of the disabled or unmuned provisions or parts, and legal. We will strive to ensure the same effect economically.

          Article 19 (compliant law)

          These Terms shall be interpreted by the Japanese Law in conjunction with the Japanese Law.

          Article 20 (jurisdiction court)

          Regarding any dispute lawsuit due to or related to these Terms, the Yokohama Simple Court or the Yokohama District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance.

          that's all

          This agreement is

          Established May 28, 2021

          March 03, 2023 Revised