SHOPIFY app development and function development

Go Ride is developing a SHOPIFY app not only at the construction of a store using SHOPIFY's existing apps, but also at an easy -to -reach price.
Please contact us if you have any problems such as "I can't reach an existing app or a mischievous place" or "I want this function to answer Japanese customer requests!"
GO RIDE members, including engineers, will support the store's tasks and improve UI/UX.

App development results: application development using Ruby on Rails, application development using node.js/React/net.js
In addition to our development, we also have a SHOPIFY cooperation support for domestic EC development agents that operate inventory management systems.

GO SUB | Subscription | Subscription

We have developed "GO SUB | Subscription", a regular purchase application using the SHOPIFY Subscription API for merchants in Japan.
Since it will be a custom app produced by our company, it is possible to customize the store front design and support in Japanese at the time of introduction.

-Pruption options can be added to registered products on SHOPIFY.
-The language settings are automatically switched according to the language of the management screen and the language settings on the store front.
-Discount rate can be set for each delivery frequency

Go Sub | 定期購入 | Subscription

Search & co

SHOPIFY app for comparison for stores with many similar products.
We have developed a showcase SHOPIFY app that can compare products for stores with a large number of products and have many similar products.
Customers can easily compare the price and options of the product. Reach the best product for you with the shortest route without stepping on multiple steps.
Supports products suitable for needs and connect to conversions.



We also develop custom apps and consult with the requirements.
Here are some examples. Please do not hesitate to contact us for your desired requirements and costs.

Case 1
Direct EC

Custom app development / SHOPIFY construction

産直型EC カスタムアプリ開発 / Shopify構築

Case 2
Dental EC

Custom app development

デンタル系EC カスタムアプリ開発

Case 3
Apparel EC

Inventory cooperation consulting

アパレル系EC 在庫連携コンサルティング

Case 4
Health food EC

Alliance between SHOPIFY and Call Center