Amazon Ads

Go Ride has a wealth of achievements in EC sales cultivated by SHOPIFY PLUS partner and as a Google -certified "Google Partner" company.
EC professionals will support mall ads such as Amazon and Rakuten based on their achievements!

Shopify plus google partner amazon ads verified partner


The more detailed chargesWHITEPAPER DOWNLOADPlease contact us.

Minimum plan

510,000 yen/month

  • Overall advertising budget -1 million/month
  • Campaign settings
  • monthly report
  • 1 simple banner production

The best minimum plan! Monthly MTG is not included.

standard plan

710,000 yen/month

  • Overall advertising budget -1 million/month
  • Campaign settings
  • monthly report
  • Monthly MTG
  • Simple banner production 2 points

In addition to the monthly MTG, we will produce up to two simple banner production.

Premium plan

1010,000 yen/month

  • Total advertising budget 1 million ~/month
  • Campaign settings
  • monthly report
  • Monthly MTG
  • Simple banner production 2 points

Click here if the total advertising budget is 1 million yen or more!

In addition, the initial advertisement is about 200,000 yen / formula.

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Five common tasks for mall shoppers

Sales are not good

I opened the store on Amazon, but it didn't sell and it didn't work

Sales for advertising expenses
Not matched

There is no cost -effectiveness for current advertising expenses

Only Amazon
Not working

It sells in other malls, but for some reason it doesn't sell on Amazon

Declining sales
I don't know the factor

Sales are falling, but I can't improve because I don't know why

Lack of resources

There is not enough human resources to operate

EC professional as a SHOPIFY PLUS partner
We support marketing with Amazon advertising!

Go Ride's Amazon advertisement is recommended for three reasons

Amazon Advertising The biggest strength of advertising can focus on users who are motivated to buy and distribute ads

Amazon boasts the top number of users in the online mall, and can distribute ads to users who want to buy them. Being able to distribute advertisements focusing on users who are motivated to buy, can reduce advertising costs than other advertising media and enhance the effect.

You can display your own products at the position of the user

If you use Amazon Ads, you can post your own product at the position where you can see your own product. By distributing advertisements to users who are more motivated to buy, it can increase sales and realize cost -effectiveness.

Propose the best advertisement that suits you who can be an EC professional

Since we have a lot of EC support as a SHOPIFY PLUS partner, EC advertising professionals support your mall. We will propose the best advertising that suits you, which is expensive.

Flow to the start of advertising operation

With a wide range of services, please leave measures and execution according to the business phase.

01 Paper
  • Hearing
  • Request for business and goal setting
  • Free quote
02 gear
  • Measures proposal
  • Implementation of measures
03 check
  • Effect measurement
  • Development report
04 Light
  • Improvement measures proposal
  • Implementation of measures

Measures specialized in EC are
Leave it to Go Ride

Integrated strategies and execution are important to achieve the maximum achievements at the minimum cost.
In most cases, even if you place an order outside, ordinary agencies specialize in advertising to request advertising operation.
Go Ride supports SHOPIFY development and renovation and digital marketing in one -stop.
In addition, it is also possible to narrow down the window and reduce communication costs on Go Ride, which can support the whole.


A. Since we will confirm the business and issues for each company, we will inform you.Contact formPlease contact us.

A. Do you want to download service and price plans? Contact UsIf you receive it, you can estimate for your company for free.

A. It's okay. You can consult from the time of launch on Amazon.

A. It is possible to customize the plan according to the purpose and business. It is also possible to change the plan and add it after a small start at first.

A. We have a local office in LA, and there are many track record of cross -border projects. We provide a wide range of support services from strategic planning to marketing measures, so feel free to do so.Consultationplease.