In Go Ride, "Digital Marketing" from "SHOPIFY development / renovation",
One -stop support for "creative" production.

Providing a cross -cutting solution that can only be done by agencies that are familiar with digital marketing, such as the construction and renovation of SHOPIFY, web advertising, SNS operation, and e -mail marketing.

  • Shopify plus
  • Google Partner

      We are certified as SHOPIFY official expert "SHOPIFY PLUS PARTNER". We provide a number of services related to SHOPIFY, from domestic EC, overseas EC, construction to operation support.
      Good at medium- to long -term support from launch to strategy plan, efficiently turn the PDCA cycle to improve operation continuously.
      Maximize results. It is also possible to support partial tasks that make use of the know -how cultivated as experts.
      From EC production to renewal, using functions unique to SHOPIFY
      We will flexibly respond to brand sites and landing pages that go one step ahead.

      Since the team is set up in two bases in Japan and LA, we have a strong advantage in the North American -related projects centered on cross -border ECs.
      Please consult us once when you expand overseas.
      With a global approach unique to Go Ride, we will help you with your business.

      Measures specialized in EC are
      Leave it to Go Ride

      Integrated strategies and execution are important to achieve the maximum achievements at the minimum cost.
      In most cases, even if you place an order outside, ordinary agencies specialize in advertising to request advertising operation.
      Go Ride supports SHOPIFY development and renovation and digital marketing in one -stop.
      In addition, it is also possible to narrow down the window and reduce communication costs on Go Ride, which can support the whole.


      Go Ride is a digital creative house that supports EC businesses in Yokohama and LA as a SHOPIFY official expert "SHOPIFY PLUS PARTNER" and Google advertising agency "Google Partner".

      • Shopify plus
      • Google Partner

          Go Ride is certified as "SHOPIFY PLUS". EC construction and operation support OK from domestic to overseas. Japan -English -France native staff is enrolled. You can make a proposal with a global approach.

          Digital Marketing

          Digital branding that requires knowledge on multiple channels. GO RIDE professional teams will provide one -stop support, from CI design to marketing, SNS and advertising operation.

          Our company handling medium (partial excerpt)

          Google ads / Meta / Instagram / Twitter / LINE / Yahoo / Rakuten / Youtube / PintarestGoogle ads / Meta / Instagram / Twitter / LINE / Yahoo / Rakuten / Youtube / Pintarest

          Various creatives needed for branding in the digital area can be produced one -stop with Go Ride. We will propose a wide range of creative production according to your needs, project content, and budget.

          App development

          To solve problems that cannot be solved with existing apps. To build a site that provides the best user experience. Go Ride is developing the SHOPIFY app at an easy -to -reach price.


          Please leave the localization and marketing of the United States and crossing the United States to Go Ride. There are many bilingual staff, and it is possible to make optimal proposals that meet the needs of each of Japan and the United States, from both the US and Japan perspective to EC site construction, advertising operation, e -mail marketing, and SNS consulting.

          From support for attracting customers
          Until the repeater acquisition
          With all measures
          Contribute to maximizing sales

          We propose based on the experienced achievements of SHOPIFY such as new EC site construction, renewal, cross -border EC.
          Solved all kinds of worries, such as digital marketing support and app development for increasing sales, as well as construction.
          We will implement measures that match the client's business phase and contribute to the maximum sales.


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          GO SUB | Subscription | Subscription

          Developed "GO SUB | Subscription", a regular purchase application using the SHOPIFY Subscription API for merchants in Japan.

          Search & co

          SHOPIFY app for product comparison. Developed a showcase SHOPIFY app that can compare products for stores with many products and have many similar products.



          Please tell us about your troubles. Contact us from here.