Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads can be served on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and the Audience Network (Facebook's partner with more than thousands of mobile apps) can be distributed to four different advertising destinations.

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Problems that GO RIDE can solve in Facebook ad management


We have an agency, but we feel that they do not understand our products well enough...

Sales are not increasing even though we keep running ads...

We need ideas to expand our e-commerce business other than Facebook ads.

Three reasons why we recommend GO RIDE's Facebook ads

High targeting accuracy

Facebook allows users to register detailed profile information, and targeting is possible based on that registered information, making targeting highly accurate and precise in reaching potential customers.

Distribution is possible
for a wide range of purposes

When selling products, you can set up distribution for a wide range of purposes, from recognition to purchase, so you can tailor distribution to suit your business. You can take a broad approach to specific issues, such as low access, low number of cart additions, and low number of purchases.

Wide Variety of Ad Formats

The large number of ad formats allows you to promote your products in an appropriate way. Banner ads, video ads, carousel ads, and collection ads that can display multiple products are available, and can be delivered in the most appropriate format to bring out the appeal of your products.






Flow up to the start of ad operations

With our wide range of service development, you can trust us to propose and execute measures that match your business phase.

01 paper
  • ヒアリング
  • ご用件整理・目標設定
  • 無料お見積もり
02 gear
  • 施策提案
  • 施策実行
03 check
  • 効果測定
  • 成果ご報告
04 light
  • 改善施策提案
  • 施策実行

For e-commerce-specific needs
Leave it to GO RIDE

To achieve maximum results at minimum cost, integrated strategy and execution are important.
Even if you place an order with an outside agency to manage your ads, most regular agencies specialize in advertising.
GO RIDE provides one-stop support for Shopify development and modification and digital marketing.
In addition, you can reduce communication costs by narrowing down your contact to GO RIDE, which can provide support for the entire process.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Yes. We will propose the most suitable advertisement for your products and phases.

A. Yes. In addition to creatives, we can also provide photography services upon request.

A. Yes, it is free of charge. We also offer free account checks for advertisements, so please feel free to contact us.

A. Yes. We have designers and engineers on staff, and can provide a wide range of services.

A. Yes, we can. We will provide an estimate according to your budget.