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Facebook ads are an advertisement that can be distributed to four publications: Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Audience Network (more than several thousands of mobile apps affiliated with Facebook).

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A problem that Go Ride can be solved by Facebook advertising operation


I ask an agency, but I feel that I haven't had the understanding of the product deeper ...

Even if you continue to operate, your sales will not grow easily ...

I want an idea of ​​expanding EC business other than Facebook ads

The three reasons for Go Ride's Facebook ads are recommended

High targeting accuracy

Facebook allows you to register your profile information in detail, and you can target it based on the registration information, so you can use high targeting accuracy and accurately approach it.

Depending on a wide range of purposes
Distribution is possible

When selling products, it is possible to set the distribution to a wide range of purposes, from cognition to purchase, so you can distribute according to your business. You can take a big approach to specific issues, such as small access, small number of carts, and small purchases.

There are many types of advertising formats

Because of the large number of advertising formats, you can appeal to the product in an appropriate way. There are banner ads, video ads, carousel ads, and collection ads that allow you to display multiple products, and you can distribute them in the best format to bring out the appeal of your products.

Our case

Case 1


Case 2


Flow to the start of advertising operation

With a wide range of services, please leave measures and execution according to the business phase.

01 Paper
  • Hearing
  • Request for business and goal setting
  • Free quote
02 gear
  • Measures proposal
  • Implementation of measures
03 check
  • Effect measurement
  • Development report
04 Light
  • Improvement measures proposal
  • Implementation of measures

Measures specialized in EC are
Leave it to Go Ride

Integrated strategies and execution are important to achieve the maximum achievements at the minimum cost.
In most cases, even if you place an order outside, ordinary agencies specialize in advertising to request advertising operation.
Go Ride supports SHOPIFY development and renovation and digital marketing in one -stop.
In addition, it is also possible to narrow down the window and reduce communication costs on Go Ride, which can support the whole.


A. Of course. We will propose the best ads for your products and phases.

A. It is possible. In addition to creative creation, it is also possible to take photography according to your wishes.

A. Free. Please feel free to contact us because we also accept advertising accounts for free.

A. Of course. Designers and engineers are enrolled and can be consulted widely.

A. It is possible. We will estimate the budget.