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LP production service

Go Ride is a digital creative house that supports EC businesses at Yokohama and LA as SHOPIFY official "SHOPIFY PLUS PARTNER". One -stop support from "SHOPIFY development / renovation" to "digital marketing" and "creative".

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Do you have such a problem in LP production?


I started EC, but sales did not increase as I wanted


I want to effectively approach users who are interested in products


I don't know how to make an LP


There is not enough human resources who can create LP

All solve the LP production service of Go Ride!

The three reasons that go ride's LP production services are recommended

Optimization of LP tailored to you who can be an EC professional

Go Ride is SHOPIFY official "SHOPIFY PLUS PARTNER". A lean and effective LP application that can be done by EC professionals. We will propose the optimal LP according to your customer's product.

Optimal team formation according to the situation

There are account managers led by LP production, engineers in charge of development, marketers who support customers, and designers who are responsible for creative production. If necessary, professionals in each of the in -house fields will support teams and support them.

Proposals of advertising and SNS using the produced LP

Go Ride has a digital marketer. Instead of creating LPs, we can propose advertising introductions and improve current issues, and can respond one -stop to acquire sales. Want to work with SNS and aim for further cost -effective effects?

LP production case


Vital Proteins, Nestlé Japan Co., Ltd. Nestle Health Science Company. In charge of building e -commerce sites at Shopify Plus, implementation of LP, MA, OMS linkage, etc.

Go Ride

LP to promote Go Ride's digital marketing. Explain the service of Go Ride across. In cooperation with the email marketing tool KLAVIYO, it will also implement pop -ups.


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Flow until the start of LP creation service

01 Paper
  • Hearing
  • Request for business and goal setting
  • Free quote
02 gear
  • Measures proposal
  • Implementation of measures
03 check
  • Effect measurement
  • Development report
04 Light
  • Improvement measures proposal
  • Implementation of measures


A. Yes. On the other hand, you can also request both. Please feel free to contact us

A. Yes. Please feel free to contact us for other platforms such as WordPress in addition to SHOPIFY.

A. Yes. It is possible to propose advertising settings, of course, to improve advertisements that have already been introduced.

A. We will calculate according to the area to be supported. First of all, please feel free to contact us.

A. Free. Please feel free to contact us as we will inform you according to your situation.

A. Depending on your request, you can also support visit.
* Business trip expenses will be added.