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OTEINS (Vital Procaines) is the No. 1 Collagen brand in the United States, born in the United States in 2013, with the desire to easily incorporate "collagen" into life and support people's positive and fulfilling days. is.

( * 1) SPINS US survey; unscented collagen peptide; Natural & Channels; US Dollar Sales Base; 52 -week sales until January 24, 2021

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Based on the home site, localization and brushing up for Japan. With the flow design without waste, he was in charge of implementing EC sites at SHOPIFY PULS, LP, MA, OMS linkage, etc.

We have also implemented a subscription (subscription) application to adopt "Vital Procaines" by focusing on daily lifestyle.

In SHOPIFY, J conducts the site initial setting, design, coding, theme customization, check -out customization, and implementing apps.


In the regular purchase function of the site, the top is displayed at the top so that three types of different capacity are simply comparable. Discount support for each regular flight cycle. On the cart screen, the delivery date and time, the customer's own pause, the credit card information, and the cancellation are possible.

By cooperating with OMS, orders, inventory, and customers with multiple mall channels have been centrally managed, reducing the operation burden.

A blog will be placed on the expansion of content in the future, and the merchant will intuitively update, create and operate LPs. The landing page is implemented so that later editing is possible with no code based on the design file provided.


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