Activity guidelines for customer harassment

At the beginning

Go Ride is a digital creative agency composed of marketers, designers, creators and engineers developed in Japan and LA.

We are always with the clients. The goal is to solve issues from a medium- to long -term perspective, not a temporary solution, and to become a long -term partner for client success.

We will continue to protect the physical and mental health of employees based on the trust and cooperation with everyone.High quality products and servicesGo Ride has created an action guideline for customer harassment.

the purpose

 In order for our go -ride to trust and work comfortably, we need to cooperate with each other. With the construction of this cooperation, we believe that the service quality provided by GO Ride will increase, which will lead to improvements in the satisfaction of the users and solve issues.

Go Ride is the "Activity Guidelines for Customer Harassment" as Go Ride.Under the trust and cooperation of, protect the physical and mental health of employees,High quality products and servicesTo continuously provideThe purpose is to tell us what you want to cooperate with and what you want to know.

Target acts

Customer harassment is from May 2017 to examine the effective workplace power harassment prevention measures based on the "Work Style Reform Executive Plan" (the decision on March 28, 2017) (the decision to reform the Work Style Reform). It is a harassment act that has been mentioned in the report on the “Workplace Power Harassment Prevention Measures” reported 10 times.

In this report, the specific definition of customer harassment is not described, and it is only "a remarkable annoyance such as violence from customers and business partners and malicious complaints", so we are customer harassment. I thought it was the following act.

The following description is an example, and is not limited to these.

Customer violence / rant

・ Violence against individuals
・ Eagen and intimidation for individuals
・ Remarks to deny personal personality
・ Remarks to insult individuals

Excess or unreasonable request by customers

・ Request for apology without reasonable reasons
・ Request for internal punishment such as dismissal regarding GO Ride employees
・ Request for services that do not provide a considerable degree of social wisdom

Time / location restraint beyond the reasonable range of customers

・ Long time restraint without reasonable reasons
・ Call to places other than business establishments without reasonable reasons

Other harassment acts by customers

・ Privacy infringement by customers
・ Sexual harassment by customers
・ Various harassments by customers

Response to customer harassment

In -house response

・ In preparation for the occurrence of customer harassment, we will implement measures for each employee to acquire knowledge and solutions about customer harassment.
・ Install a consultation desk about customer harassment.
・ We will strive for the care of employees who were damaged by customer harassment.
・ Build a response system when customer harassment occurs.
・ We work with external experts to implement more appropriate measures.

     Outside of the company

    ・ We will strive to rebuild a better relationship.
    ・ We seek a reasonable and rational discussion without succumbing to customer harassment.
    ・ If you are doing malicious customer harassment, unfortunately, we may refuse or cancel your transaction.

      Request for users

      As described in the purpose, Go Ride will build a great relationship with users through each service provided, solve the issues of better services and solve the issues of your services. We want to realize a comfortable society.

      Therefore, we hope that the users can ask the following items.

      ・ Do not participate in harassment acts
      ・ Acting with respect to others
      ・ Compliance with all laws and regulations

        Many users have already complied with the above items, but Go Ride also complies with the above items, building a better relationship with the users and high -quality products. We would like to work on the provision of services and solve the problem of the users, so please continue to cooperate.

        * In creating this policy"SMARTHR Co., Ltd."Policy for customer harassmentI referred to.