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List of Partners

I would like to introduce the tools and services that GORIDE has affiliated. We will support the business expansion of EC businesses while cooperating with each partner as needed.

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Shopify Plus (EC platform)

A platform that can develop and operate EC sites. It has been introduced to more than 1 million shops in 175 countries. Go Ride is SHOPIFY official "SHOPIFY PLUS PARTNER".

Official Site
Mobile App Builder ‑ VAJRO

Installing in SHOPIFY can easily create a mobile app at the store.

Official Site
WEGLOT (translation app)

You can translate content into other languages ​​simply by installing and setting up in SHOPIFY.

Official Site
Beacon (illegal management system)

Installing on SHOPIFY will detect, reduce, reduce, and prevent malicious orders on e -commerce sites.

Official Site

A developer that develops multiple SHOPIFY apps, such as complex prices for wholesale and apps that can set detailed discounts.

Official Site
Pagefly (Landing Page Production App)

It is a SHOPIFY app that can easily create a high -quality landing page.

Official Site
Visumo (Instagram linked UGC utilization tool)

A tool that can be posted by picking up the photos and videos you want to use on Instagram on the SHOPIFY site.

Official Site
MakeShop by GMO

MakeShop is a service that allows you to easily build an EC site (online shop).

Official Site

ECFORCE is an EC platform that supports the EC of all businesses from startups to large companies.

Official Site


Google ads

It is an online advertisement provided by Google. Go Ride is a Google advertising agency "Google Partner".

Official Site
Amazon advertisement

It is an advertisement that can be distributed to users who are more motivated to buy with the top user in the online mall. Go Ride is an Amazon official "approved partner" company.

Official Site
KLAVIYO (e -mail marketing tool)

It is an application that can automate emails and analyze e -mail magazines while linking with SHOPIFY data. Go ride is a silver partner certified by "KLAVIYO".

Official Site
Chat boost (LINE official account automation tool)

It is a tool that extends the functions of the LINE official account while utilizing SHOPIFY data and automating customers and marketing.

Official Site
AMPLITUDE (user behavior analysis app)

A product analytics tool that can analyze user behavior while utilizing Shopify data.

Official Site
Chanel Talk (chat bot tool)

It is an application that allows you to easily install a chat window on the SHOPIFY site and start online customer service and customer support for free.

Official Site
Next engine (order management system)

It is a management system that allows centrally managing and operating EC sites and malls.

Official Site


Open Logi (EC platform)

It is a company that provides services such as storage of products to packing and shipping for EC operators.

Official Site


Amazon Pay (payment service)

It is a service that allows you to easily settle on sites other than using your Amazon account. Go Ride is an Amazon Pay certified consulting agency.

Official Site


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