Next Engine Business Partner

CRM measures for e-commerce sites to increase sales

GO RIDE Inc. is a Next Engine certified business partner.

It takes a lot of work and effort to link an e-commerce site with its existing data. GO RIDE will support you in implementing Next Engine, saving you time, utilizing time and resources to grow your business.

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Is your e-commerce site operating properly?


You have been neglecting your e-commerce site since it was launched without updating it.


You want to increase sales, but do not know what to do.


Your e-commerce site is being operated by staff with no expertise and don't know of how to improve.


Sales in stores are going well, but your e-commerce sales are not increasing


You are operating multiple stores and unable to handle them all

What is Next Engine?

Next Engine is a platform that solve problems of huge costs and lack of resources to operate and manage stores that occur not only in e-commerce, but also in brick-and-mortar stores, POS, wholesale, direct sales, etc.

Unparalleled efficiency


3 Advantages of Next Engine x GO RIDE Integration

Centralized data management on Shopify through Next Engine

By integrating customer information and inventory from other malls and brick-and-mortar stores on Shopify, you can maximize profits without losing customer purchase opportunities or holding excess inventory.

Centralization of Aggregated Data by Marketing

As an agency specializing in e-commerce, GO RIDE can be entrusted with not only the creation, operation, and maintenance of e-commerce sites, but also with all e-commerce sales measures through digital marketing. Data held by marketing agencies is sometimes owned by the agency however, with our support the data is maintained in the account owned by the business, so the data can be managed directly within Next Engine.

Next Engine implementation support makes it easy to get started.

It takes a lot of work and effort to link your existing data, such as product, customer, and accounting information, with a newly launched e-commerce site. GO RIDE will support you in implementing Next Engine, saving you time and allowing you to use more time and resources to grow your business.

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GO RIDE will carefully support your Next Engine implementation!


01 paper
  • ヒアリング
  • ご用件整理・目標設定
  • 無料お見積もり
02 gear
  • 施策提案
  • 施策実行
03 check
  • 効果測定
  • 成果ご報告
04 light
  • 改善施策提案
  • 施策実行

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Yes, it is possible. Even if you already have a store, you can also introduce Next Engine. We will propose the best implementation plan according to your company's situation. Please feel free to contact us.

A. There is no monthly fee.

A. Yes. We can consult with you only for the installation or only for the construction of your e-commerce store.

A. Yes, it can be used outside of Japan. It can also be used for stores that are developing outside of Japan and for cross-border e-commerce sites.