Multicarensa Support

GO SUB has supported the Multecarensy store!
Once the SHOPIFY market is set, a contract can be created in multiple currency in one store, and changes, additions, plans, etc. will be performed by contract currency.For example, if you create a contract with USD, it will be displayed in USD when changing / adding or planning contracts. Or, in the same store, other customers create a contract with JPY, and when changing the contract, it is displayed and calculated. Previously, only the main currency of the store was supported.We use Contextual Pricing based on SHOPIFY location. The currency of the contract is determined in your country by setting the SHOPIFY market.After the contract is created, the customer calculates the new price of the product based on the country of address when changing, adding, plans, etc. from the customer account page. GO SUB uses a contract address, contract request address, or your default address. As with the currency of the store, the currency of the contract is also based on the country of the customer's address, and the currency of the contract also follows the setting of the SHOPIFY market. All new prices are calculated as the function of SHOPIFY's Contextual Pricing.
important point
  • If the currency of the contract is different from the market setting in the customer's country, you will not be able to change the plan or product from the customer account page. It is not recommended that you use add -ons such as currency selection in the store and freely select the desired currency.
  • In the Multichalencies store, the price discount of the subscription plan may not work properly other than the main currency of the store, so use a percentage discount instead.
  • The dashboard is displayed only in the same currency contract as the main currency in the store. In the future, we plan to add a function to further support multiple currency stores.

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