What is the tariff when using overseas mail order? Explanation of charging, payment, and collection of tariffs! [SHOPIFY]

by Takushi Matsuura

Have you ever shopping on overseas shopping sites?

Also, are those who run EC thinking about overseas expansion in the future?

In such a case, as the most important factor to knowTariffIs listed.

Even if you know the meaning of the tariff, many people may not know how much to actually pay or when to pay.

In this article, I would like to briefly explain the customs duties on the EC site. Please take a look.

Customs duties payment

The tariff isImported person pays to the customs of the imported destinationThing.

For example, if a person living in Japan shops at an American online shop, the buyer will pay a customs duties to Japanese customs.

Be sure to understand the mechanism here!

Timing of customs duties billing

So when do you pay the tariff?

The timing of payment of tariffs when you make an overseas mail order isWhen actually receiving the luggageis.

By paying the delivery of the target product to the delivery staff, it will be paid to customs.

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If you are already claimed at the time of check -out, you will not need to pay when you receive your luggage, as you will be charged after customs clearance.

If you are worried, you need to check if the bill is included in the request. In addition, the site operator should make sure that customs duties should be described.

Depending on the shop, customs duties may be charged at the check -out stage.

In this case, customs clearance companies will receive charges for tariffs and the like.

tax rate

The tax rate of tariffs depends on the goods and the country of importers.

Check out the amount of customs duties, such as the product you buy and its seller.

The tax rate listed by customs on the site isHere

Also, keep in mind that tax -exempt depending on the total amount of taxable prices.

Some products are not subject to tax -exempt, so be careful when using overseas.

Difference between tariffs and import tax

An import tax is similar to tariffs.

What is different?


Taxes imposed on luggage by the country and local customs to be received for luggage with a tax -exempt limit.

Import tax

It is equivalent to local goods taxes such as VAT (Value Added Tax/Added Value Tax) or GST (GOODS & Services Tax/Product Service Tax).

It is very confusing, so be sure to check what kind of tax will be charged in the imported country.

How to handle tariffs and import taxes on the SHOPIFY site

On the Shopify site, customs duties can be set to be automatically included in the check -out.

Most businesses that sell cross -border sales are basically made this setting.

In the store where Shopify Payment is settled as a gateway, when customs duties and import tax are calculated at check -out.0.85%The transaction fee is applied. This percentage is applied even if payment is made in PayPal, etc., if Shopify Payment is the main payment service.

In the store that uses gateway other than SHOPIFY Payment1.5%A fee will be charged.

As mentioned above, the customs duties are paid by the buyer, but the seller can collect in advance and pay the delivery company.

How to configure customs duties in SHOPIFY

Here are some settings to collect tariffs in SHOPIFY.

・ Select the market from the management screen settings and open the market management of tariffs.

Admin Setting Markets

・ Select tax → management, from customs duties and import taxes

(1) Delivery using the provisions of the place to bring in

② Select the country/region of the delivery destination to be collected

③ Update product information

④ Edit store policies and notifications

⑤ Check the terms of use

Enter and confirm each item and complete the settings.

Purchase from the target market (USA in the United States) will allow you to claim tariffs in the store.

Duty Setting in Admin

If customs duties are K for each product

You can set the tax rate from the product management screen.

You can enter the delivery source country and statistical item number (HS number) and calculate automatically when checking out.

Shopify Products Duty Setting


What did you think?

In considering the cross -border EC, customs duties may feel complicated and some may give up.

However, SHOPIFY can automatically check out with simple settings, so please try it!

Please consult with Go Ride for support of customs duties and other settings!

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