Interview with full -remote marketers

by Jumi Waki

Hello everyone.

JUMI in charge of Go Ride's back office.

In a world where various ways of working are increasing,We have offices in Yokohama and LA.There are also staff who work in full remote.

This time, I interviewed a marketer staff who works full -remote from Osaka!

Of course, this interview was also a remote interview.

Then, I would like to interview SAKURA, a Go Ride marketer.

Remote work picture

JUMI: This time, I would like to interview SAKURA, a marketer who works full -remote from Osaka. thank you!

SAKURA: Thank you!

JUMI: As soon as possible, can you easily tell us about SAKURA's career?

SAKURA: Yes, I joined LA GORIDE in February 2021.

I graduated from an American university in December 2020 and wanted to work in the United States before graduation, so I found a GO RIDE and contacted me.

I was interviewed online and decided to be hired.

Jumi: I see! You were already online from the interview.

Go Ride also has an office in LA, so you joined the company.

Currently you live in Osaka, did you move from LA to Osaka?

SAKURA: No, after working in a LA office for one year, I worked in the office in Yokohama since April 2022 and decided to move to Osaka after marriage.

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JUMI: It's a full remote from Osaka now, how long has it passed?

SAKURA: 3 months has passed in April.

JUMI: It's still three months, have you got used to Furemote?

SAKURA: That's right. Originally, since I was in LA, I had a lot of work with Japanese clients and members, so I had been working remotely since then, so I didn't have much resistance.

Jumi: That's true! Especially when it was a job that crossed the borders due to the corona evil, it was difficult to meet and forced to work remotely.

Is there anything difficult while doing remote work?

SAKURA: Yes, before I became a full remote, it was limited to overseas clients because of the time difference.

Also, in the same United States, the time difference varies from state to state, so I am working while adjusting.

Jumi: I see. The time difference problem is certainly difficult.

It's a personal opinion, but I feel a little itchy that I can't speak remote work immediately when I want to talk, but how about?

SAKURA: There is no problem because we know the contents of each other in the same team, but when we consult with other teams that we cannot solve it due to marketing problems such as tags to be embedded on the site, it is a sentence or figure. I am worried that it is transmitted well.

Jumi: That's true. Isn't that a place where many people can sympathize?

It seems that our members are talking directly over the phone as needed to solve the problem.

Marketing picture

JUMI: SAKURA, who is active as a marketer, is a job that appears as a result of what I proposed.

SAKURA: That's right! There is pressure that you have to get results, but when you get the results, it feels rewarding!

Jumi: That's right. Do you have anything to value especially when you work?

SAKURA: As you can answer the request of customers who want to increase sales, you can check the number of advertising operations, inflow, and conversions every day, or have an e -mail magazine distributed on time. I check the opening rate every few hours.

In addition, I value communication with the client, and I am studying ideas and proposals by looking at the work of members in the same team.

Jumi: I see. I have been checking in detail where I can't see it, studying SAKURA myself every day, and a strong feeling and responsibility that I want to answer the customer's request has been transmitted!

I was also interested in marketing work, so I was able to listen to the story specifically and learned.

We haven't met directly yet, so I'm looking forward to seeing you soon!

Thank you for being busy today!

SAKURA: Thank you!


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