GO SUB code installation method

Online store 2.0 compatible theme installation method

If you are using an app block, the code will be updated automatically.
Also, when the app is deleted, the code is automatically removed from the theme.

・ Added application block to the product page
Click [Installing theme]> [Select theme]> [Open the product page with the theme editor]
Click Add Block> [Go Sub Block]
Move the app block to any position by dragging and dropping 

・ Added application block to your account page
Click [Installing theme]> [Select theme]> [Open Customer Account Page with the theme editor]
Enter your email address and password and log in (account creation is required)
Click [Add Section]> [Go Sub Block]


Online store 2.0 non -compatible theme installation method 

If the code is installed on the theme, the code must be updated manually.
Select the theme for the update method, and click (1) [Install Asset to the theme].
When deleting the app, you need to click [Delete Asset and Code from the theme].

Click [Install theme]> Select theme> Scroll> [Show how to install code in the theme]

・ Install, select the theme you want to delete

① Click [Install Asset to the theme]
The files to be changed are as follows.
Assets> gosub-ascount.js
Assets> gosub-product.js
Assets> gosub.css
Snippets> gosub-account.liquid
Snippets> gosub-cart.liquid
Snippets> gosub-product.liquid
Layout> Theme.liquid file

② Click [Install code on the product page]
It is automatically installed, but it is necessary to manually edit the code to correct the position.
Sections> Product-template.liquid file name depends on the theme.
The following code is installed at any position


  {% if content_for_header contains "go-subscride-public.herokuapp.com" %}
    {% render 'gosub-product' %}
  {% endif %}

③ Click [Install code on your account page] 
It will be done automatically.
Templates> Customers> Account.liquid
Install the following code at the bottom


  {% if content_for_header contains "go-subscride-public.herokuapp.com" %}
    {% render 'gosub-account' %}
  {% endif %}

How to check online 2.0 compatible theme

Click online Store> [Theme]> [...]> Edit Code
Confirm [Template]
The extension is .json => OS2.0 compatible
The extension is .liquid => OS2.0 non -support