GO SUB initial setting

1: Preparation before introduction (Shopify)

1.1: Creating a product

It is necessary to create at least one product and sell it at an online store.

1.2: SHOPIFY Payment Enable

To use Go SubEnable Shopify PaymentYou need to do it.
SHOPIFY > Settings > SettlementSet the Shopify Payments in.
Test payment is possible in SHOPIFY Payment test mode.
* If the payment settings do not go wellShopifysUpportPlease contact us directly.

1.3: Setting up your account

Shopify> Settings> Customer AccountThanTraditional customer accountPlease select and save.
* What is the difference between new customer accounts and conventional customer accounts?HerePlease refer to.

1.4: Cancellation policy settings

Shopify> Settings> Policy> Cancellation policy of purchase optionsSet a more cancellation policy.
When purchasing a regular productAutomatic cancellation policy links are displayed in ChekoutIt will be.
Depending on the theme, some are displayed on the cart.
The template will be translated into Japanese. Edit and use the contents as needed. Since it is copied in HTML format, switch to the text editor "HTML mode " and paste it when paste.

Purchase option Cancellation policy Japanese translation template


1.5: Delivery settings

Shopify> Settings> Delivery and DeliveryPlease set the shipping fee more.

1.6: Tax settings

 SHOPIFY> Settings> Tax and TaxesSet more taxes.


2: Creating a subscription group

Create a group from the subscription group in the Go Sub menu.
In the group setting, set the group name, target product, plan cycle, etc. displayed on the product page, and at the lower right.Create a plan groupClick the button.
The content of the group can be edited later. 
Details of the group settingsHere

3: Install code on the theme

・ Product page
・ Customer account page
You need to install a code in two places.
The installation method differs depending on the theme.
How to install codeHere

4: Test purchase

Let's purchase a test in the SHOPIFY Payment test mode.
About test modeHere

After purchase, you can log in and check the subscription information on the customer account page.