Go Sub tag settings

Manage the tags given to subscription customers and orders.Shopify tagCan be used to narrow down by customer and order management, and can be used in cooperation with other third -party services such as LINE, KLAVIYO, Next Engine, Open Logi, Rosilles.

It is possible to set the tag from the settings> tag.

Customer management tag

Tags can be given to customers who ordered subscription order.
In addition to contractors, active, and inactive, custom tags can be granted from the following items.
* The maximum number of tag characters is 255 characters, and the exceeding amount is automatically shorter and granted.
* Subscriptions are identified from the latest 10 subscription orders for contracts.
* Product and variations are limited to the first 25 unique items of each subscription.
  • Subscription ID
  • Subscription status
  • Product ID
  • Product name
  • Variation ID
  • Variation name
  • SKU
  • Subscription plan name

GOSUB Customer Tag

You can check the tag in the customer management screen details.

Customer Detail Admin

Order management tag

Tags can be given to subscription orders.

* Order management tags are up to 40 characters,The exceeded amount is automatically shorter and granted.
* The number of orders is limited to 100 orders.
  • Subscription ID
  • Subscription plan name
  • Number of subscriptions

Gosub Order Tag

You can check the given tags from the order list management screen, order details management screen.

Admin Order Tag

Tag synchronization / removal processing

By performing synchronization of tags, you can apply the set tag information to past customers and orders.

By removing the tag, you can remove all the tags given by Go Sub for each customer or order.

tag sync