Go Sub Subscription Group Settings

Edit group name

[Subscription Group]> [Plan Group name]More edited.
The group name is displayed on the product page.
For products, the parts displayed in one and more than one group are different.

The group name display position when the product and group are one -on -one

The group name display position when the product and group are 1 to n


Select a regular purchase plan as standard

[Subscription Group]> [Select a regular purchase plan as standard]More edited.
You can switch the regular selection status by default on the product page.
* If multiple groups are set, the period is selected if at least one of the target groups is checked.

Display without check

Display with checks


Selection of target products

[Subscription Group]> [Products for plan groups> [Edit the product]More edited.
The target product can be set at the variant level.
If Variant is not set, it will be automatically hidden when switching the option.
* Optional switching may not work well depending on your theme.
Sorry to trouble you, but in that caseapp.support@goriderep.comPlease contact us.


Plan cycle / discount rate settings

① Plan name
It is displayed as a sub -skirt option label on the product page.

② Plan explanation
It will be added to the option of the product page and the plan explanation of the management screen subscription contract page.


③ Plan order cycle
It can be set on a daily, week, month, and year.

④ Fix the order date after the second time
By checking,The second and subsequent order dates can be set on a fixed day, such as "Every Friday" and "Every month".
By fixing the order date, you will be able to collect work such as shipping.
For details of the setting example, you can check by clicking [Go Sub]> [Subscription Group]> [Plan]> [Fix the order date after the second time].
* If the delivery cycle is monthly and you want to specify the end of the month, the end of the month is automatically applied by setting the order date to fix the order date after the second time to 31 days.


⑤ Discount type of plan
You can set the discount type from the following.
・ Continuous discount: Always a constant discount rate setting
・ Discounts: Discount rate setting according to the cycle, such as the first discount or the second or later
If you want to set the first discount, set it to the number discounts.

⑥ Discount rate of plan
You can set the discount rate from the following.
・ Fixed price
* Discount rates apply based on the price. It cannot be set based on the price before the discount for product management.

⑦ minimum number of purchases of the plan
It is the minimum number of purchases required for customers to cancel the subscriber contract.

⑧ Maximum number of plans purchased
It is the number of purchases until the contract automatically cancels (expired).