GO SUB app linkage

Shopify Flow

SHOPIFY FLOW custom trigger starting from customer behavior on GO SUB

・ Change of subscription status of subsc
・ Subsque customers cancel the contract for all subscriads
・ Changes in the following delivery date and time
・ Change of product contracts
・ Change of cycle of subscriber contract

Custom trigger at SHOPIFY FLOW starting from a GO SUB system

・ Creating an order for sub -skop
・ Failed to request a subscription contract
・ Successful to request a subscription contract
・ Send notification before ordering

Examples of using SHOPIFY FLOW on Go Sub

・ Subsque customers have been canceled all subscs with triggers

・ Agent tags such as "Add Customer Tags (no sub -skop contract)" in the action

・ Segment by tag and send dormant customers offer recommended products, etc.

Then you liked the product, but you can send an email to the customer who canceled it because the product was still left at home.

 Reference article: [GO SUB X SHOPIFY FLOW] Automation of email transmission in cooperation with sub -skop and SHOPIFY FLOW!


Next engine

You can cooperate with the next engine based on the order tag base.
When the tag function of the next engine is turned on in the tag settings, the next engine tag is automatically granted to the order when ordering a sub -skirt.



It is possible to cooperate with KLAVIYO based on customer tags.
If you set a customer management tag, you can create segment distribution with SHOPIFY customer management tags with Klaviyo and send e -mail magazines.


Specified delivery date

In order to specify the delivery date and time at the first purchase of the regular flight, it is necessary to add an application separately.
About the type of appDelivery date and time application introduction articlePlease refer to the.
The setting on Go Sub isHerePlease refer to.



EasyPoints can be given points when purchasing regularly, but you cannot apply point discounts for regular products.


LINE ( CRM Plus on LINE, DMM chat boost)

It can be linked with LINE (CRM Plus on Line, DMM chat boost) on a customer tag base.
If you set a customer management tag, you can create segment distribution using the CRM Plus ON LINE app, and send a message from the LINE official account.