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A company in Fukuoka Hakata, Japan, that provides building services such as maintenance, inspection and repair, installation and relocation of building air conditioning units, as well as water quality control for buildings and general water treatment.

In line with the expansion of the sales division’s business, the company is increasing the number of air-conditioning-related equipment and anti-virus products in its E-commerce sales, aiming to become the dealer of choice for health conscious consumers.

Project Overview

Website migration from BASE to Shopify. We renewed the E-commerce website for the Japanese domestic market. Not only did we migrate the design and functionality as is, but we also worked to improve the UIUX based on interviews and research.

Device Frame


In terms of design, we selected a theme that was well suited for a small number of SKUs.
We organized the contents from their previous website and created banners and icons that visually and intuitively appeal to the customers for the quality of the products.

A clean color palette was used throughout to create a clean branding concept.

In terms of functionality, we installed chat, review, and shipping simplification applications. We provided training on how to use the Shopify functions and apps so that the customer can take over and manage the day-to-day operations on their own.

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US Office
WeWork Playa Vista
12655 W Jefferson Blvd,Los Angeles, CA 90066
(323) 999 – 2344


Japan Office
WeWork Ocean Gate Minatomirai
220-0012 Minatomirai 3-7-1 Nishi-ku,Yokohama-shi
050 – 5326 – 6524

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