Precautions when selecting themes from an engineer, points to consider

by Ruka Okuyama

SHOPIFY is a wonderful e -commerce platform that simplifies the life of an online business owner. People who want to enter the E -commerce world can use SHOPIFY to build an online store without any hassle. And the reasons why many people use Shopify are as follows.

・ Effective price

·easy to use

・ Safe and secure

And one of the most important reasons is that it provides a lot of flexibility through its theme.

There are thousands of free and paid SHOPIFY themes in the market. This helps the business to create a great customer experience. Also add unique features to the website. For example, animation, live chat, quick view, etc.

The theme of choosing the SHOPIFY store plays an important role in the conversion. The theme is like your online store skin. If it looks attractive, you will attract visitors. On the other hand, if not, people will not stay on your website for a long time. Therefore, this important decision to select a theme should be well planned.

In this blog, we will share some hints and tricks to select the best theme for the store!

Five points to be noted when choosing a store theme!

1. Budget
If you're starting, the free theme is the best choice. However, it does not mean that the free theme is bad. In fact, free themes provide basic functions and customization options. For example, product pages, check -out pages, navigation, etc. This is enough to start an online store. However, if you want to use a new or another function, you should purchase a theme.

Because it doesn't provide all necessary tools. There are functions such as upcells, cross -cells, newsletter pop -up options, and product sample display. There is no need to use all budgets to buy a theme. Premium theme is unnecessary for your store. Add more functions on the website. If your budget does not allow premium theme investment, select a free one. You can change it at any time later.

2. Functions and features required for the store

Choosing a theme is the same as choosing a mobile phone. Go to the store and choose your favorite mobile phone? Do you spend time investigating? The same is true when choosing a theme. Think about the functions you need for your site before purchasing.

Do you need a live chat function? Do you want an upcell cart function? Is newsletter pop -up a priority? List all the functions you need. It helps you find a theme that has all the function you want. If you like the theme, try using the demosta. It is also important to use it a little to check all options!

If the theme offers a free trial, use it. Run that theme in your store and see if it works well. By using a free trial, you can upload your images and content, and you can better understand whether the theme works well with your content.

3. Support from developers

Many people overlook this when looking for a perfect theme. They get hooked on the theme design and forget to check the developers' evaluation.
If there is any problem or bug in the theme, who will fix them? What if there is no support for that theme?
It is a good idea to investigate the developers to prevent such a terrible situation because you have to pay attention to this point.

In the case of a specialized development team, there is always a theme support no matter what!

4. Niche and catalog size

SHOPIFY offers many themes based on the industry. It is important to choose a theme suitable for your niche.
The next thing to consider for your niche is the size of the catalog. The theme you choose must be perfectly suitable for your product line.

For example, a business that sells apparel, perfume, or jewelry has a wide range of catalogs. A theme that displays all products and provides search and filter options. You also need to provide options for creating a subcategory page.

On the other hand, a business that sells limited items does not require a theme that deals with a wide range of catalogs. It is useless because the business is not used. For such a type of business, a theme with a small catalog is suitable.

5. User Experience

User experience is the most important factor in the theme. Your website will be a digital shop for customers. If it doesn't look attractive and beautiful, you'll miss many opportunities.
So, before choosing a theme, check the following points:

Choose a SHOPIFY theme with simple and easy -to -use navigation. Avoid complicated menus.
If the user cannot move the site smoothly, they will give up looking for the product and click the browser returned button.

・ Mobile support
Mobile equipment is a major platform for online shopping. People no longer rely on personal computers.
50%or more online traffic is generated from mobile. So don't miss a mobile user.
Therefore, select a mobile -compatible theme. Before installing the theme, check the display on the mobile device. You can easily do it at the demo store.


Choosing a theme is one of the most important business decisions. The selected theme is the key to success or fail your e -commerce journey! Go Ride will help you from the first stage to select the theme and customize. If you have anything you need, please feel free to contact us!


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