GO SUB | Subscription | Subscription

Regular purchase application using the SHOPIFY Subscription API for merchant in Japan, "GO SUB | Subscription | SubscriptionWas developed.
Since it will be a custom app produced by our company, it is possible to customize the store front design and support in Japanese at the time of introduction.

GO SUB | Subscription | Subscription

Localized management screen, store front desk for Japan

The biggest feature of this "GO SUB | Subscription | Subscription" is that it supports Japanese for Japan. There are also English native engineers among us, so we also support English. It can also be used for customization according to the request of merchant. The following supports both Japanese and English.

- Management screen
-Customer display (store front desk)
-Price to customers
-Mail support

Added a sub -skop purchase option to the registered product
For products already registered on the store, it is possible to add a sub -skop purchase option from the application management screen at once.

It is possible to include multiple order cycles (frequency)

Each order cycle can set a different discount rate. The following is an example of the cycle setting.

-Subsque options with a single order cycle of coffee (5 % discount) on coffee
-Subsque options with two delivery cycles, a set of 12 juice, weekly plan (5 % discount), and monthly plan (2 % discount)

Customer subscription management

Customers can start and cancel regular purchases. The skip function and the pause function will be updated in the future.
We are planning to add payment information and destination changes during the contract.

Inquiries about the app

Please feel free to contact us for your questions, consideration of introduction, and application stamizes.


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