2024 How to fight EC sales

by Takuma Sato

Is 2024 years of EC Passion?

2024 has already passed a quarter of a year.

I think EC operators are worried about the annual sales promotion plan.

At Amazon, Golden Week Sale from the end of April as an annual sales schedule, Prime Day in July, and Black Friday in November and large sale events are held every year, but it is said that EC is struggling this year. I am.

It is said that "nesting consumption recoil" has a significant impact.

The consumption of "travel" and "leisure" has increased at the end of the Corona in 2023 since the convergence of the Corona evil in 2022 has increased, and the trend has been expected to continue in 2024.

Is there a lot of holidays in 2024?

If you have a new notebook and schedule book at the beginning of the year, you may already know it, but in 24 years, it is said that in 24 years, there are 11 consecutive holidays of 11 consecutive holidays.

Compared to yesterday, the national holidays and holidays in 2023 are 17 days, while the 2024 national holidays and holidays are 21 days.

* 2022, two years ago, the national holidays and holidays are 16 days.

Consumption tendency when there are many holidays

In the 2023 consumer trend in 2023, when Corona was full -fledged, the consumption of food, daily necessities, and clothing has been reduced, and the amount of travel is greatly increased.

・ Food -0.7%

・ Daily necessities -0.9%

・ Clothing -0.8%

・ Travel 3.4%

Despite the reaction after the Corona in 2023, camping and travel leisure extension rates are high, and it is expected that it will accelerate in 2024, which is easy to take consecutive holidays.

Secure stable sales by utilizing sub -skosques

"I want to get cheap things quickly."

However, it is said that the tendency of domestic inflation has become stronger, and if prices rise while the income is unchanged, the string of consumer wallet becomes severe, and it is said that "impulse buying" is unlikely to occur.

Meanwhile, "Utilization of subscriptions" is listed as a measure to find the ways.

The advantage of consumers is that there are many cases where sales plans at a lower price range are provided than single items, which can be used with low cost.

The benefits of the business operator are that sales are easy to predict, and it is less likely to be affected by the timing of sales.

The subscription app developed by the originalGO SUBIf you can use], there is also a setting function such as fixed -rate discounts and fixed discounts, and there are many useful functions for SHOPIFY operators.

It is especially recommended for SHOPIFY operators who sell products that are easy to purchase, such as daily necessities and foods.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the subsc.



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