What are the benefits of SHOPIFY PLUS? Thorough explanation of basic information, costs and functions, and what you can only do with SHOPIFY PLUS!

by Takushi Matsuura

SHOPIFY has several plans depending on the monthly fee, but it's difficult to judge what is in you when you use Shopify for the first time.

Among them is SHOPIFY PLUS, which is the highest plan for enterprise. This timeDetailed explanation of the basic information of SHOPIFY PLUS, what you can do with SHOPIFY PLUS, the functions that can only be implemented with SHOPIFY PLUS, and the comparison with other plans.To do.

What is Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus has a large transaction amount and volume at Shopify.For large companiesThis is the price plan prepared.

There are many functions that can only be implemented with SHOPIFY PLUS, and those who want to build a higher -grade SHOPIFY storeThis is a recommended price plan.

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What you can do with Shopify Plus

Here are four benefits of SHOPIFY PLUS.

The server is strong and the site speed is fast

Shopify Plus isThe advantage of the server strength and speed of side speedis.

Specifically, 10,149 large orders can be handled in one minute and 99.98%up time warranty is attached. It can withstand intensive access, such as introduction of products by famous overseas artists and influencers. With these infrastructure, it can prevent mechanical loss due to so -called "mackerel drop".

By the way, influencers such as Justin Bieber have built their own EC site on SHOPIFY PLUS.

Automation and efficiency of EC operations by function expansion

SHOPIFY PLUS is also an advantage that EC sites can be automated and efficient by expanding functions.

SHOPIFY PLUS can be used with many applications that are not usually available in the normal plan, so you can automate and efficient the work required for EC management. The application cost of the application is included in the monthly plus monthly fee. Therefore, it is not a great benefit for EC site operators, as there is no additional charge.

Reduction of running costs

Shopify Plus is expected to reduce running costs.

Specifically, there are the following three.

・ You can improve your business efficiency by using a dedicated application

・ The monthly fee includes server costs

・ Low commission

From the perspective of EC operators with a large transaction amount and volume on EC sites, the cost of EC operation is a considerable burden. It is also a great advantage that you can invest time and money in creative and marketing measures by saving costs and time using the SHOPIFY PLUS application.

SHOPIFY support system is generous

SHOPIFY PLUS has a generous support system by Shopify.

When building a SHOPIFY store, you can not only provide priority from specialized engineers, but also receive proposals based on data from account managers even after building a Shopify store. In addition to the construction of the store, you can receive a wide range of support, such as business strategy and advice on functions that match the store.

Applications that can only be implemented with SHOPIFY PLUS

Here are some applications that can only be implemented in SHOPIFY PLUS.


SHOPIFY PLUS allows you to sell products for product wholesale establishments.

Specifically, you can display and sell sales products at different prices for each customer. In addition, WHOLESALE CHANNE is also available. The wholesale store has a password for each customer, so only the customers invited by customers can access them.

Automation of notification to business operators (SHOPIFY FLOW)

SHOPIFY PLUS also uses applications that can automate notifications to businesses at the time of ordering.

Specifically, you can automate related tasks, such as inventory management, Slack notification, and order management, such as tagging users when you receive an order or registered as a new customer information.

Store transition notification (Bulk Account Invitor)

Shopify Plus is also equipped with applications that allow you to notify existing customers store when moving to Shopify from e -commerce sites other than SHOPIFY.

The segment settings can be made in detail, so the content of the notification can be customized with the contents according to each customer.

Campaign automation (Launch Pad)

Campaign schedules for events such as new products and special sales can be set automatically.

With this function, it is not necessary to secure the operation time by the EC, such as the EC representative standby and clicking the release button according to time. It also greatly demonstrates convenience even in overseas sites where time lag occurs.

Free shipping setting automation (Script editor)

With SHOPIFY PLUS, you can use applications that can automate free shipping.

The detailed settings are as follows

・ Payment script

Changing payment services, hiding, automatic selection of payment method (default), etc.

・ Delivery script

Delivery method name, price change, hidden, etc.

・ Items script

"One free if you buy one" "10 % OFF if you buy two", etc.

Data migration from existing systems (Transporters)

SHOPIFY PLUS also uses applications that allow you to transfer products and order customer data from existing systems to SHOPIFY.

Since the progress of the migration work can be easily confirmed, the reason why an error occurs is also performed smoothly. You can also convert the data collected in the startup system using TranporterTool to CSV data that matches SHOPIFY.

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Comparison of costs and functions with normal plans

We have introduced the functions that are implemented only in SHOPIFY PLUS, but how is it different from the normal plan (Basic Plan, Standard Plan, Premium Plan)?

Let's compare the costs and functions you care about.


In terms of cost, SHOPIFY PLUS and normal plan are different.

Plan name Monthly cost Settlement fee
Basic plan Approximately 3,045 yen
standard plan
Approximately 8,295 yen 1%
Premium plan Approximately 31,395 yen 0.5%
Shopify Plus Approximately 210,000 yen

SHOPIFY PLUS costs more than 200,000 yen per month, but payment fees are more than half of the regular plan. If you have a lot of transactions, or if the unit price of each product is high, you will be worried about the transaction fee.

* SHOPIFY PLUS is 0.15 % and normal plan is 0.5 % to 2 %. SHOPIFY PLUS is a plan with high cost performance, considering the cost of servers and dedicated application costs.


SHOPIFY PLUS is usually different in terms of functions and functions.

1. You can add up to 10 stores

You can add up to nine shops with Shopify Plus specifications without additional charges.

Not only domestic stores, but also BtoB stores and stores for Asia can be opened according to users and users. * Limited to stores of the same brand. In particular, it is very convenient for business operators that are developing cross -border ECs, even in the same product content, can change currencies and languages ​​in each country.

2. Can link API

SHOPIFY's API is open source, so you can cooperate with full -fillment tools and marketing tools.

SHOPIFY's API specifications are simple design, so it is a great advantage that even beginners can easily cooperate.

3. Single sign -on (Multipass)

Single sign -on on the Multipass API is also possible.

The single sign -on function can be linked to the simplified system of the company that is operated by the company, so customers can log in to the SHOPIFY store using login information on another site.

4. Customization of check -out

SHOPIFY PLUS will also be able to customize check -out pages that cannot be realized with a normal plan.

As an example, the following operations can be performed.

・ Combination of payment methods that are not default * Postpaid, etc.

・ Deleted items banned from the list in the country of delivery destinations

・ Added input form and image variations

5. SHOPIFY POS Pro is available for free

SHOPIFY PLUS is available for free SHOPIFY POS Pro * POS system is an abbreviation of information management system at the time of sale.

It is a mechanism that is managed when the product is sold, and is mounted on cash registers such as convenience stores. With Shopify Plus, you can easily manage offline and online sales and stock status.

6. B2B function

The big advantage of the B2B function is that B2C and B2B can be set in one store. By making B2B online transactions, ordering by telephone / email will not be required, and the time you have been dividing so far will be resources to other value -added tasks.


・ Corporate profile

You can register a wholesale company as a customer. Multiple buyers and location can be displayed and displayed by personalized payment conditions and user authority.

You can register a company name, multiple delivery addresses, billing information, payment cycle, etc.

・ Price list

You can set the buyer's -specific price and assign it to a corporate profile. In addition, it is possible to set the price conditions for each company and the B2B discount for each product. Not only the price, but also the setting of the minimum number of purchases and the setting of lots of 10 pieces.

・ Payment cycle

If you set a payment cycle for each company, you can automatically set the payment conditions each time, track and collect orders that have a payment deadline on the management screen. You can check the order of order and the arrival of the order on the management screen.

・ B2B payment

In addition to paying by corporate card, it is also possible to register a payment method tailored to Japanese business habits, such as billing (bank transfer). There is a credit card information preservation function, and you can trade with security with security.


It is possible for a company representative to check the purchase history, add or select delivery destinations, and can order freely as a B2C purchase.

7.Web pixel App Extensions

You can manage pixels that track customer events using SHOPIFY Pixel Manager. These can be expected to increase the accuracy of marketing strategies.

By collecting tracking data on your own, you can share customer data without a third -party script and link more accurate data and reports with GA4 and advertising. These can be used for improving advertising accuracy and better marketing strategies.

What you can do with CHECK OUT customization

・ Branding API

Source: https: //shopify.dev/docs/apps/checkout/advanced-checkout-branding

You can use the GraphQL Admin API to be altively branded the check -out screen. You can also customize the branding on the check -out page using the editor on the management screen. You can add a brand logo, add background images, change color, select new fonts, and create a check -out page that matches the brand.

・ Post-Purchase Checkout Extensions

Add custom UI and content to the page after purchase to improve cross -cells and customer experiences.

If you automatically introduce related products after purchasing the product, and if the customer purchases the product, you can make payments with the same information as the previous product purchase.

In addition to the product, a questionnaire and discount code can be described, so it can be added as one of the customer experiences after ordering.

Shopify official page


You can add custom rosic to customize the back -end logic of check -out. This allows you to customize the check -out screen.

The APIs that can be used in Shopify Functions are as follows.

Distribution customization API:You can change the name of the delivery option that the buyer can use during check -out and sort.

Order discount API:Create a new type of discount applied to all products in the cart.

Product Discount API:Create a new type of discount applied to a specific product or product variant in the cart.

Payment customization API:Change the name of the payment method that the buyer can use during check -out and sort.

Cart conversion API:Expand cart items and update the display of cart items.

Verification API for carts and check -out:Provides a unique verification of cart and check -out.

Full -fillment constraints API:Shopify provides its own logic on how to handle and assign orders.

What is Shopify Plus Partner?

Shopify Plus Partner refers to a company officially certified by SHOPIFY in the Shopify Plus plan.

Shopify Plus Partner is a proof of a company that has a wealth of knowledge and support knowledge for utilizing SHOPIFY PLUS. In addition, it is very highly trusted because it is not certified unless SHOPIFY has passed the screening that is set independently. There are still few companies certified by SHOPIFY PLUS PARTNER, but they can gain a great deal of trust in running Shopify Plus, including 24 -hour support by full -time staff.


What did you think? This time, I explained Shopify Plus from various angles.

SHOPIFY PLUS not only can use a variety of functions that cannot be realized with the normal plan of SHOPIFY, but also prevent running cost reduction, strong server and fast side speed -focusing on mackerel drops caused by focusing on mackerel. Although it is usually set higher than the normal plan, it is only useful for EC site operation.

Go Ride is a one -stop SHOPIFY PLUS partner from supporting EC construction to operation.

If you are considering SHOPIFY PLUS, or if you would like to have a checkout customization, please feel free to contact us!


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