I want to start chat function at the SHOPIFY store! Thorough explanation of SHOPIFY INBOX

by Takushi Matsuura

Have you ever seen a mark where you can chat at the bottom right of the page when shopping online?

Recently, it has been displayed in many stores, and many people have used it.

In this article, we will introduce an app to introduce the chat function for free in the shop's store.

If you are running the SHOPIFY store, please take a look!

Shopify Inbox

There is an app that SHOPIFY has prepared as an application that can introduce a free chat function in SHOPIFY.

that isShopify Inboxis.

Shopify Inbox App Store Screen


The following features can be used in this app.

  • Real -time chat support
  • Automatic Q & A settings
  • Phrase settings
  • Cooperation with mobile apps

Let's look at the functions in detail.

Real -time chat

SHOPIFY INBOX allows you to exchange in real time in chatting.

Customers who visit EC sites can increase the conversion rate by immediately asking questions or answering questions about products and stores.

It is one of the most important functions as a chat function mounted on the site, but I am grateful that it can be used for free!

In real -time chat, you need to decide the time of the staff to answer first. SHOPIFY INBOX allows you to determine your time every day.

Example: Weekdays 10:00 to 17:00

Shopify Inbox RealTime Chat Setting

However, it is important to note that holidays cannot be set.

If you can't respond, hide the chat itself or change the time setting.

You can also set automatic reply words to respond from the first staff to respond smoothly.

Shopify Inbox Auto Reply Setting

Since it can be set in real time during the corresponding time and outside the time, you can immediately inform the customer who sent the chat about the response.

Automatic Q & A settings

When you open a chat from the site, you may have seen a frequently asked question, and you may have seen the function that displays the answer when you click on the question.

SHOPIFY INBOX also has a function under the name of a quick answer!

Shopify Inbox Quick Answer

The demo chat column is displayed on the right side of the setting screen, so it is also a good point that it is easy to set.

Phrase settings

It is hard for the chat -compatible staff to make similar words every time.

In such a case, the quick reply function is useful. By creating a phrase template for reply in advance with this function, you will be able to reply immediately.

Cooperation with mobile apps

Inquiries by chat can be confirmed and reply from smartphones and tablet devices by linking with apps.

It is very convenient to be able to confirm from multiple devices.

Shopify Inbox Mobile App SCREENSHOT

What did you think.

In order to increase customer satisfaction on e -commerce sites, the chat function will play a great role.

Please try SHOPIFY INBOX once!



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