About the points when distributing a basket falling email!

by Rin Hirashin

Previously, we introduced e -mail marketing using SHOPIFY email and SHOPIFY FLOW.

The introduction articleHere

This time, we will tell you the points for distributing effective automation emails, taking the e -mail distribution of the basket falling!

About the number of distribution times

I guess there are many stores that have been delivered, but have been sent once.

In most cases, it is not possible to get interested only once.

You also need to pay attention to the time to send.

So how many times do you think it would be effective to send it?

The correct answer is three times.

Specifically, it is said that if you send it 3 hours after +24 hours+7 days after the customer put the product in the cart, it can be expected to be more effective.

First of all, we will send you an email that day as a remind of what you considered at the store.

After that, if you do not forget to send it again, and if you do not reach the purchase there, we will open the consideration period and send it 7 days later.

By doing so, you can think carefully and purchase, and you can approach before it is forgotten.

About distribution contents

Do you pay attention to the subjects and contents of the e -mail to be delivered?

It doesn't make sense if you don't open it even if the number of distributions increases.

Customers have to buy immediately! It is necessary to distribute effective emails to make the content that seems to be.

The subject of the basket falling email must be made so that the user wants to open the email.

The following words are effective for the subject.

  • "Have you forgotten to buy?"
  • "The product in the cart is a bargain!"
  • "Last chance! Coupon is issued!"

It is also important to include the following elements so that the contents of the basket falling email will make users want to complete the purchase.

  • Display the product in the cart
  • Re -appeal the features and benefits of the product
  • Add the wording that encourages you to purchase
  • Providing benefits such as coupons and free shipping

In the text, the following words are effective.


First time

Subject: [Have you forget to buy it? ]


Thank you for using [Shop Name].

[Product name] remains in the cart.

The stock is limited, so

If you are still considering purchasing, please purchase as soon as possible.

[Product URL]



Second time

Subject: [Products remain in the cart]


Thank you for using [Shop Name].

Have you forget to buy it?

It seems that the purchase of [Product name] has not been completed.

Please purchase as soon as it is a popular product!

[Product URL]



Third time

Subject: [Last chance! We will issue a coupon! ]


Thank you for using [Shop Name].

[Product name] remains in the cart.

If you have already purchased it or if you have forgotten the purchase for another reason, we are very sorry.

As a last chance, we have prepared a coupon code "LastChange".

If you enter the above coupon code, you can purchase at 10%OFF.

Coupon expiration date: April 20, 2024

Please consider purchasing at this opportunity!

[Product URL]


In this way, the content must be changed every time.

About email design and layout

It is important that the design layout of the basket falling email is easy for users to read and understand.

The following contents are more effective design.

  • Simple design
  • Easy -to -read font
  • Easy -to -read image


If you wish to distribute the e -mail magazine registered when sending a basket falling e -mail by e -mail, it is necessary to create a customer's segment separately.

The method of creation is introduced in the article introduced at the beginning, so please check it out!

The introduction articleHere


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