[SHOPIFY e -mail magazine distribution] Let's start e -mail marketing for free using SHOPIFY email and SHOPIFY FLOW!

by Takushi Matsuura

Do you use e -commerce sites using SHOPIFY using e -mail marketing?


I think that many people use e -mail marketing using apps and external tools, but I think that many people have difficulty being able to reach out because the usage fee is a bottleneck.


This time, I will introduce how to use SHOPIFY email and Shopify Flow to perform e -mail marketing at low cost.

SHOPIFY Mail (Email)

SHOPIFY email is an app provided by SHOPIFYFree up to 10,000 streets every monthCan be used in.

If you are an EC who is already focusing on email marketing, you may feel less 10,000.

I'm grateful that businesses who can start EC can try it for free!


In SHOPIFY emailcampaignandautomationTwo types of emails are possible.


Campaign refers to so -called e -mail magazine distribution.

It can be distributed to users who have registered new products, sale notices, etc.


Automation distribution is a function such as a basket drop, check -out, and up -cell email.

Both have templates, so it is easy for those who do email marketing for the first time!

Shopify Mail Automation Template
Shopify Mail Campaign Template

Shopify Flow

Shopify Flow is an app that can automate the work related to the store operation.

This is also available for free with the apps released from SHOPIFY.

Click here for Flow

Explain the Shopify Flow setting method!


You can use Flow to make customer management easier.

Example: Give the person who purchased the product A so that you can sort those who have purchased Product A from customer search

Delivered by combining email and Flow

What you need to do email marketingSegment divisionIt will be.

Instead of distributing all emails to all customers

  • This email is distributed to customers who have bought that product
  • This notice is distributed to customers who purchased within one year

It is necessary to improve the efficiency of e -mail distribution.

By distributing it to customers who can be more effective, you can eliminate waste and take efficient marketing measures.


Segments can also be created with Shopify's default function.

It can be created from "customer management" → "segment" on the management screen.

Actual email creation example

STEP1 FLOW creation

Set a Flow to give a tag to the customer who purchased a specific product.

This time, the person who purchased Test Product A will be given a tag of "Test Product A".

Select "Create Workflow" from the Flow management screen.

Shopify Flow Workflow

From the trigger, select "Order Created".

Next, add the conditions and select "Order" → "LINEITEMS" → "Name". The setting of the condition that the product with the same name as the set (or included) is included in the purchase is completed.

Finally, select "Add Customer Tags" as an action and enter the "Test Product A" tag.

Shopify Flow Example

with this

"① When an order is created

② When an order has a product that contains "Test Product A" in the name

③ Give customers a tag of "Test Product A" "

The flow has been completed.

Check the operation by ordering a test once to check if there is a hole in the flow!

STEP2 Segment creation

This time, there is a tag of "Test Product A", and we will create a customer segment that was purchased within one year.

Select "Segment" → "Create segment" from the customer management of the management screen.

Select "Narrow" and enter the conditions.

① Select "Customer Tag" and select "Test Product A"

② Add conditions in And

③ Select "Last Order Date" and set to the last 12 months

The creation of the segment has been completed here

Shopify Segment Example

STEP3 Creation

Next, create an email to be distributed to the segment created in Step2.

Select "Create Campaign" from Emial,

Select your favorite template.

(You can also coding yourself!)

If you select a template, you can select the recipient of the email. Here, select the segment set earlier.

Feel free edit and save the contents of the email, fonts, character sizes, sections, etc.

Finally, press the button on the upper right confirmation to complete.

What did you think.

There are many paid tools for e -mail marketing,
In some cases, there is a detailed analysis function that can not be done with SHOPIFY.

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