What is the overseas shipping service that can be used at the cross -border EC? Introducing recommended agency!

by Takushi Matsuura

While the market size of EC sites is expanding around the world, many people may use the cross -border EC to expand their target overseas.

This time, we will introduce the overseas delivery agent required for the cross -border EC!

Shipping ferry
Image by Ed Judkins from Pixabay

OpenLogi (OpenLogi)

Open Logi's overseas delivery service allows 120 countries to deliver and use various overseas delivery carriers, so it is possible to select a career according to the request of the business operator.

Creating time and effort when shipping overseas will be created automatically with the open logistics system.

In addition, since the cost is not initially expensive, it is recommended to introduce it.

Since it is possible to cooperate with cart systems such as SHOPIFY, it is a recommended service for cost reduction.

Any logi

Any Logi is a service that directly cooperates with the EC to provide delivery automatically.

All parts that tend to be a bottleneck at the cross -border EC, such as display of tariffs and shipping costs, issuance of invoices, and returned goods, can be completed in AnyLogi, making it easy for newcomers to use.

I think many people find it difficult to reach out to start a cross -border EC.

If you are worried around the logistics service, please consider the above service!



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