Point tariffs, ADA, CCPA to be aware of at cross -border ECs for the United States

by Toyo Hirashima

Points to be aware of at cross -border ECs for the United States

I have written multiple articles on the team so far, so I would like to collect and introduce this time as a summary article.

Where should I start with the cross -border EC for the United States?

When launching a cross -border EC from zero, various law regulations ADA (American Disabilty Act), CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Law California Consumer Privacy Act), rules for payment and delivery must be given, I would like to check one by one.

American EC related law regulations


Since there is a legal regulation related to EC not in Japan, it is necessary to respond accordingly. CCPA and ADA are typical examples.


I would like to briefly explain CCPA here.



CCPA was enacted in California Cosumer Privacy ACT California Privacy Law to enhance the protection of personal information in California.


In Japan, the content is close to the revised Telecommunications Business Law, which has been enforced since June 2023.


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Specifically, CCPA must be corresponding to the following.




Consumers can ask and know how their personal information is being treated and used (companies must provide the information required by consumers within 45 days. .)

Consumers can refuse to provide and buy their own personal information to third parties (so that companies provide personal information to third parties unless they have permission from the refused consumers.・ You cannot buy and sell.)

Consumers can request companies to delete their personal information (companies must meet the requests for the desired personal information that consumers want).

Consumers may receive the same services as before, even if they use the above three rights (even if consumers refuse personal information, refusal to buy and sell personal information, and apply for personal information, etc. Even if you use the rights, companies must provide services as before.)



Since it is applied to all tools that collect personal information, it is necessary to consider OPT-OUT options in the operation design of MA tools, including KLAVIYO, when configuring EC sites.




The target company conditions are for companies that apply to any of the following.


Companies that have more than $ 25 MILLION per year

Companies that handle more than 50,000 (California) personal information per year

50%of the total sales as a whole company is due to buying and selling personal information (living in California)


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Is your company okay? California's Shinshu Law CCPA


ADA (Americans with Disabouties Act) (American Law with disabilities) is a law enacted to eliminate social participation in visually impaired.


There are laws in the United States mainly that prohibit racist discrimination, gender discrimination, and religions, and the "Americans with Disabilities Act", which was established in 1990. 。


ReferenceCode Mantra


It is an impression that ADA is more often pointed out by Japanese companies' EC compared to CCPA.


It is necessary that the website is readable to the visually impaired, and this is because there is an Accessibility mark on a US site or a page.


Reference All Birds, OUR Commitment to Accesibility



In the first violation, up to $ 75,000 2 or subsequent violations may be a fine of $ 150,000.


In addition to fines, it is necessary to obtain subsequent website renovation obligations and approval from the authorities, and if a violation notice comes, a fine, response cost, renovation cost will be incurred.


Isn't it the era of mouse operation only? What is the ADA compatible to be considered now?



Customs of tariffs is at cross -border EC

  1. How to deal with SHOPIFY settings
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    2. Taxes that you need to know when operating EC for US (for beginners)
  2. How to get a collective response with a settlement agency
  3. Those who use global accounting software

If you have any questions about tariff settings, please contact us!


  1. SHOPIFY PAYMENT is also available in multiple currencies that can be settled on payment.


  2. Payment Gateway in Japan is often only for yen payment, so be careful of SB Payment, etc.

When selling products (such as used goods, etc.) that do not pass the SHOPIFY PAYMENT screening, the payment method will be considered according to the product.


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Advertising cost

The advertising CPM tends to be higher with almost all EC -related keywords compared to Japan.


When starting a cross -border EC, it takes a lot of time to get the first traction, so it is necessary to make a business plan with plenty of time.


Go Ride supports the cross -border EC and Japanese companies, including the LA local office.


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