[New customer acquisition] API cooperation with SHOPIFY using Tiktok Pixel!

by Ruka Okuyama

Tiktok is now a platform for the audience to discover, recommend, review, and purchase new products. According to the seller, TikTok users are 1.5 times higher than seeing the products advertised on this platform!

Currently, there are many SHOPIFY member stores that have already used Tiktok ads to acquire new customers and business partners. Currently, Tiktok uses a safe and reliable server -side connection called Tiktok Events API to integrate SHOPIFY and TIKTOK, making it easier to reach more potential customers.

What is Tiktok Pixel for Shopify?

Tiktok Pixel is a code set on the website and share the action of visitors on the website with the Tiktok advertising distribution system. This allows you to measure the effects of TikTok advertising, display ads for users who are likely to be interested in your product, and find insights to further optimize campaigns.

SHOPIFY has expanded its integration with Tiktok and can now use Tiktok's safe and reliable server -side connection. From beginners to experienced people, if you advertise a shop as a Tiktok user, this may be an advantage for all owners!

How to use

With the enhancement of integration with the SHOPIFY store, the implementation of the Tiktok server -side connection has become very easy and simple. If you are currently using Tiktok Pixel for SHOPIFY, simply access the Tiktok app from the SHOPIFY dashboard and check that the data sharing level is expanded or maximum.

Tiktok allows you to select how to collect and share data between the Shopify Store and Tiktok. You can also select from the three data sharing level: standard, enhancement, or maximum. At the enhancement level and the maximum level, you can include the Tiktok event API integration!

Plan difference

Standard: You can integrate TikTok pixels into the shop. This includes a part of the code to be installed on the website to measure traffic and understand the effects of tiktok ads (only when using tiktok).

Enhanced: By adopting effective data sharing methods, we share customer activities and improve advertising performance. This includes the use of Tiktok Pixel and Events API.

Maximum: We optimize advertising performance by combining all data sharing options and reach the most customers. At this level, use the Tiktok Pixel, Events API, and SHOPIFY API. Also, it is always updated with the latest Tiktok technology to share customer information.

Go Ride supports the introduction of Tick Tok API! If you are considering the introduction, please contact us once.


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