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If you have been involved in the EC industry for a long time, you often feel the number of EC sites in the world.

Companies to become noticeable from among them.InstagramorTwitterSuchSNSWe are working to increase the degree of exposure by using money to increase the name recognition and use money for digital advertisements.

Such initiatives sometimes have a great effect, ultimately increase the inflow of EC sites, and contribute to the expansion of corporate profits, all of which are time and money. In this article, theyAI tools that can be used to increase the name recognition of EC sitesI will explain about.

Let's maximize the effect of digital marketing with the help of AI.

This time, we will introduce the texts required for both ads and SNS, and the AI ​​that can be used to generate images.

Create images according to the theme Stable Diffusion

The most important factor in operating Instagram isCreating imagesis.In the use of Instagram, people are attracting people's attention in the images, and the set of images posted so far determines the characteristics of the account.

As an AI that can generate imagesStable Diffusionthere is. Recently, the evolution of AI has been focused on the evolution of AI, and I think some people have heard the name Stable Diffusion.

Stable Diffusion is an AI that generates images from the text entered, and was released in 2022 by COMPVIS Group (Munich University), Runway and Stability AI.

The quickest way to experience the greatness of Stable Diffusion is to look at the images that were actually generated. The image of this tweet was created by Stable Diffusion. It's hard to imagine,AI created under the instructions of human languageabout it. This work is also great, but the power of Stable Diffusion is still beyond imagination.

Stable Diffusion also produced images of this chair. You can describe not only paintings but also images like objects that actually exist. It's a quality that goes beyond imagination.

So how can this technology be used for digital marketing on EC sites? The above tweet is helpful.

This tweet introduces the video that you can edit images using Stable Diffusion technology by putting plug -ins in Photoshop.

By applying how to use such a technology, that is, the Stable Diffusion is applied to image editing or video editing.You can generate high -quality images using your own products at low cost.

There are times when I realize that I also support product shooting as Go Ride, but I realize it.The production of images that brings out the charm of the product is surprisingly costly and time.One image is made over time, such as adjusting light according to the weather and studio, arranging models and studios, and determining composition that is conscious of copyright and portrait rights.

However, using the power of Stable Diffusion will greatly reduce the time and cost here.With a fictitious background, images that naturally have a fictitious model with a natural product can be created with almost zero costs.If you think like this, I guess the taste of the image to be posted on Instagram will expand.

The plug -in introduced in the tweet this time will still have room for evolution, and I'm looking forward to the easier application of this image -generated AI technology!

Microsoft Designer semi -automated for banner production

The same image is a banner image used for advertising, which has a different role from Instagram in the image.

People's eyes in advertising bannersNot only attractsDelivering the information you want to convey in one imageIs important. In other words, images that have taken a fashionable product are not enough for an advertising banner, even if it is worth Instagram.

Advertising banners generally contain texts that convey not only products but also the commitment and characteristics of the company and products, which is different from the image posted on Instagram.

There is a tool where the name rises as the production of a banner image that requires such textMicrosoft Designeris. Microsoft Designer can automatically generate images for banners by giving sentences. The so -called Chat GPT is like an image version.

However, as a precaution, the quality of the banner image generated by this tool has room for improvement and has a close function of Adobe."Adobe Express"Some say that creating a banner from the template image is higher quality.

The evolution of AI is progressing every day, and depending on the update, it is a tool with great ability, so please check it out.

Interesting phrases are Chatgpt

The next AI to be introduced is the AI, Chat GPT, which is the most hot topic right now.

About the impact of Chat GPT on the EC industryHereIf you are interested, please check it out.

For those who do not know Chat GPT, Chat GPT was developed by a laboratory called Open AI.AI specialized in extremely smart languages.AI is so smart that you can really imagine, and when you ask some questions, it's a real human being.Or respond more than humans.

As we have considered in the article we introduced earlier, there are many ways to use Chat GPT. Among them, this time we will introduce how to use it in digital marketing. that isProduction of advertising statementUtilization for.

For example, in the image above"Gaming mouse that focuses on design and performance"We had an advertisement generated on the assumption that it is selling. In the example of this image,Even if the time to think about the text of the instructions, we were able to generate 10 advertising phrases within 5 minutes.

Rather than desperately thinking about an advertising sentence while heading to the deskBy getting candidates with the power of AI, you can efficiently create an advertising statement.

In addition, the advertising sentence generated this time gives a slightly sloppy impression, but can be improved by giving instructions more finely.

In the above example, the product and characteristics are more detailed and incorporated into the instructions. Then, it changed from the last expression of the last time to a more sophisticated sentence!

justNot too lightI have conveyed the characteristics of that, but it is necessary to scrutinize the contents because it emphasizes that it is lightweight in the generated sentences.

By grasping the tips of the instructions and giving a precautions,You can reduce the time you spend to think about advertising, and you can choose an advertisement that fits from a number of candidatesSo, please try using Chat GPT to produce advertising statements.

Use AI to win the EC industry.

In recent years, the evolution of AI has become a big topic, and there is anxiety about the anxiety that AI will be deprived of work, and fears of AI's rebellion of humanity, which has long been treated as a popular science fiction theme, is increasing. 。

However, it is also true that the evolution of AI will enrich our lives, and in the EC industry, it will improve work efficiency and marketing effects.

In this article,Digital marketing to survive in the EC industry using AII have explained how to realize it, but there are many ways to use AI that is not introduced this time.

For example, Chat GPT has a great effect on blog management to increase inflow into EC sites, and you can use Stable Diffusion to simulate new products.

The optimal use of AI varies depending on the business and corporate color, so be sure to find out how to use AI that suits your company.

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