[GO SUB X SHOPIFY FLOW] Automation of email transmission in cooperation with sub -skop and SHOPIFY FLOW!

by Nicole

GO SUB can work with SHOPIFY FLOW. Go Sub provides a SHOPIFY FLOW custom trigger and uses triggers to provide email automation and CRM measures for subscriptions!

About Shopify Flow

Shopify FlowteethShopifyIt is an innovative automation platform provided byECommerce carrierShopifyIt allows you to create, customize, and automate a workflow in the store. As a result, various business processes such as inventory management, ordering, and customer engagement can be automated.


For example, you can automate the following work.

When a customer purchases a subscription product,CRMSend an email or give a tag
Customer2In the case of ordering the subscriptionCRMI send a mail
When you cancel all subscriptions, you send a coupon code

SHOPIFY FLOW Workflow and GO SUB cooperation

Shopify FlowWhen there is an event, it performs action in response to the event. The event is called a trigger.

GO SUBThe trigger provided is as follows.

Customers cancel all contracts
(Customer Cancelled All Contract)
Customers change the subscription plan of the contract
(Customer Changes The Contract Cycle)
Customers change the contract status
(Customer Changes The Contract Status)
Customers change the delivery date and time of the contract
(Customer Changes The Delivery Lead Day)

Customers change the contracted product
(Customer Changes, Adds, or Deletes a Contract Product/Variant)

• Orders for regular purchases after the second time are created
(Recurring Order Created)

• The payment of the subscription order failed
(Subscription Contract Billing Attempts Failed)

• The payment of the subscription order has been completed
(Subscription Contract Billing Attemps Success)
Send a pre -order email
(Upcoming Order Notification)


You can create a workflow using the above trigger. Conditions and actions are also attached.

GO SUBOnly triggers are provided. To send emails, etc.CRM Plus on LINEKLAVIYOShopify EmailYou will also need an e -mail service app.CRM Plus on LINEKLAVIYOShopify EmailEtc.ShopifyIt offers an app for all servicesShopify FlowWe are working together.

An example of a workflow in cooperation with Go Sub

Example 1 - If the customer cancels all the contracts, send an email


When the customer cancels all the contracts,Shopify EmailofShopify FlowYou can send a template email with a record product or coupon code using the action of.


  1. "Customers will cancel all contracts"Select a trigger

  2. For the action, select the "Send Marketing Mail" action in the Shopify Email application and select the mail template from the Shopify Email app.

Example 2 -As a customer tag when ordering the second subscription


Second timeWhen ordering a subscription, you can give a special "second subscription order" tag to the customer for email segments.

  1. Use the GO SUB tag function to turn on the subscription ID and number of order management tags from the tag setting page of the GO SUB application management screen.

  2. In Shopify Flow, select a trigger "Create a second and subsequent subscription order (Recuring Order Created)"

  3. Set the conditions that include "Subscription-Count: 2" for the order tag

  4. Select the Actions to Give Customer Tags and set the tags for "Second Sub -Cripo Order" tag.

Example 3 -Price a preliminary notification email for subscription order on LINE


Provided by Go SubUsing the pre -notification email functionCRM Plus on LINEofShopify FlowUse the action of at the same timeLINEYou can send a message.


  1. Use the GO SUB notification function to turn on the "confirmation email before ordering" function from the GO SUB application management screen notification setting page.

  2. Template andSet the policy of the confirmation email before ordering (the number of days before the creation date of the subscription order to notify the customer)

  3. In Shopify Flow, select a "UpCombment Order Notification" trigger

  4. Select the "Send Text Message" action for CRM Plus on LINE and write a message

GO SUBandShopify FlowBy automating through cooperation, store owners can focus on other tasks.
In addition, automated processes will increase customer satisfaction and continuation rate with personalized messages and regular purchase services according to needs.
Shopify FlowIs considering the use of a subscription modelEIt is a powerful tool for Commerce operators, by all meansGO SUBPlease use it with!



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