A bridge between EC site and actual store? POS that can be used in Japan [SHOPIFY POS, Smagen register, Stores cash register, POS cash register switch, Recore]

by Kaho Okazaki

What is POS?

POS"Point of Sales"When the product is sold in"When, where, and how much product sold"Is a system that records and aggregates.

By analyzing the collected data, actions to increase salesObjective groundsIt will be.


CurrentlyCooperation with information on EC sites and actual storesThe number of POSs that can be done is increasing, and the main things that are integrated on the cloud are not collecting data on the server.


This timeHere are 5 POSs that can be used in Japan

1. Smagg

Smagger is a cloud -shaped POS, howYou can use the basic cash register function even with a free plan.

With a paid plan, you can customize the functions according to various sizes and industries.

Furthermore, Smagenji is a SHOPIFY appEC site and actual store can be linked in real time.


2. Stores cash register

The Stores cash register is a POS that runs the same place as the STORES of the online shop creation site, so the EC site and POSCompletely linkedThe point is.

In addition, the stock of the EC site and each store are linked, but only specific products are managed for each store.Individual inventory managementI can.


3. POS cash register switch

Shipping overseas and strong in the used industryIt is a POS cash register app in cooperation with the World Switch.

Stay from the check -out screenTax exemption procedure can be performedThere is a feature.

As expected, it is a POS that works with strong world switches overseas.


4. Recore

Recore is a retail and reuse specialty cloud POSYou can exhibit simultaneously to many EC shops, such as Rakuma Shop, Mercari SHOPS, Rakuten Ichiba, Yahoo Auctions, Yahoo Shopping, Amazon, SHOPIFY.

I am grateful that the reuse product is basically one point, so it is possible to manage exhibitions in multiple malls at once.


5. Shopify Pos

I've introduced that I've been working with SHOPIFY several times.Shopify itself has a POS system.Based on the information analyzed by SHOPIFY POS, you can deliver the e -mail magazine and news suitable for that person to those who purchased the product at the actual store, so you can expect to acquire a repeater.


In addition to the POS introduced this time, such as those that are compatible with the size and industry of a wide range of stores, and those specialized in specific stores and industries, there are still many POS in Japan.

Go Ride does not only build e -commerce sites at SHOPIFY, but also supports support between SHOPIFY and various POS. Please feel free to contact us!


Kaho Okazaki

Account Manager/Designer

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