You can see it on Netflix! 7 recommended movies for couples

I wrote the following articles, focusing on the drama before Netflix, who landed in Japan and came to Jiwajiwa, but this time it is a movie version because it was popular! [Column] Recommended domestic & overseas dramas that I tried to lack sleep on Netflix Yes, I watched all the following movies alone, but I chose a movie for couples. It's perfect for a rainy day home date.

1. My Intern My Intern

Screen-shop-2016-09-28-AT-6-59-13-PM It's a lot of time from the devil (Devil Wears Prada) wearing Prada, and the once -on -intern Anne Hathaway is a CEO, and on the contrary, both the startup CEO Life is a good startup CEO Life. It is impressive to struggle with the aim.

2. Wolf of Wall Street Wolf of Wall Street

SCREEN-SHOT-2016-09-28-AT-7-00-20-PM Of course, it is colored, but it is flying, and in the end, the arrested broker Jordan Belfort's human drag, gold, woman, fraud, and fraud, Di -Habu Wall Street Life, DiCaprio embodies the Wall Street Life. It is depicted.

3. Stay Friends Friends with Benefits

Screen-Shot-2016-09-28-AT-6-58-28-PM The two who work busy in the city are troublesome to be lovers, so the so -called split saffle relationship was the best, but from there to human drama .... Rather than the movie itself, the casting of Justin Timber Lake and Mira Kunis is addicted and interesting!

4. The tears of the President's butler the Butler

Screen-shop-2016-09-28-AT-7-05-07-PM This is a true story, a human drama depicting the lifetime of the butler, who can also be called the Lord of the White House who served seven President in the White House in the United States in the United States.

5. Mileage, My Life Up in the Air

SCREEN-SHOT-2016-09-28-AT-6-57-37-PM George Clooney's role is perfect A professional restructuring shop (dismissal negotiator) was flying around the United States by airplane and spending most of the moon on a business trip, which had a fulfilling business trip, airport life, but new employees, Ana Kendric. It starts to be shaken in various ways. As an aside, Ana Kendrick in the movie was pretty cute. smile

6. Flight flight

SCREEN-SHOT-2016-09-28-AT-7-01-21-PM Starring Denzel Washington The pilot, which has a sudden fall in a state where the airplane is close to control, and miraculously succeeded in the emergency landing, becomes a person at a time, but that is a person in a terrible pilot who is not perfect. Draw the ugly part.


SCREEN-SHOT-2016-09-28-AT-7-13-02-PM Will Smith's father, who plays a young child and a bottom life, challenges a wallstreet stock trader as an internship, and his son Jaden is a real son, and this work is a screen debut.

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