You can experience the product with VR! What is Metaverse EC?

by Rin Hirashin

What is Metaverse EC?

Currently SHOPIFY founder Las Marshmeyer has released a demonstration video on "Spatial Commerce" using Apple's Vision Pro.

"Spatial Commerce" can be used in virtual reality (VR) and expansion reality (AR) to have the same experience as the real world.

Therefore, users can shop online, as if they were actually in front of them.

This time, such a meta spring× ECI will tell you about!

What is Apple's Vision Pro?

The shape is a goggle -shaped device called a head -mounted display, and is a "spatial computer" that makes it possible to experience the three -dimensional space as an interface. The spatial operating system Visionos is posted, and you can experience it as if digital content existed in front of you.

AppleofVision ProIs normalVRUnlike the headset, the concept is a goggle -shaped computer.

SHOPIFY's founder, Las Marshmeyer, is introducing a video of this Vision Pro trying on a demonstration experience.

The concern of shopping from the EC site was anxious because I couldn't see the real thing.

This is a function that allows you to remove such anxiety and see what is close to the real thing anytime, anywhere.× ECis.

Las MarshmeyerX isHerefrom

Also in XAppleofFaceTimeIs incorporated inShareplayWe have also uploaded a video of the experience of shopping in a virtual space with friends.

What is Shareplay?

With the feature of FaceTime, a calling application, you can share the screen and watch videos together.

It is also a function that allows you to experience together in real time because the playback and stop of videos are synchronized.

Next, Apple"Room Plan"There is also an experience video that allows you to check the furniture at the store at your actual home.

With this function, you can try a new interior by resetting the room and placing new furniture.

What is Room Plan?

This is an API that runs on ARKIT, which creates a 3D sketch of the room using the iPhone and iPad cameras and scanners.

It is possible to scan the type of furniture and the size of the room to create a fairly advanced drawing diagram.

These concepts are currently being explored as a "desirable future" for future realization.

If the spatial commerce of the current vision is realized,ECIt will make a big change in the industry.

As digital technology progresses every day, services that allow you to shop more conveniently are being created.

Metaverse in the near future× ECbutShopifyIf it becomes feasible, the possibilities will expand more and more!

This time is groundbreakingVision ProMetaverse usingECI introduced about.


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