Who is the beach? Martins Beach is not accessible

This matter has been a problem since around 2010 In fact, it has been a court struggle between the surf rider foundation and the Silicon Valley Legend Bainod Cosler. He is a millionaire Villionaire, who made assets with one of the founders of San Micro Systems. According to Wikipedia, it has an asset of $ 1.5 billion about 150 billion yen. Binod Cosler purchased a mansion on Martin's Beach in Martin's Beach in 2010, known for the fact that Marvelix is ​​located, and the sea bathers who want to go to the surfer or beach until then are free. I was able to access the beach, but after the owner changed to him, the gate was built and the access to the beach was completely closed. It was a court struggle between the self -rider foundation and the Vinod Cosler over access to the beach, but in October 2014 California's court opened a gate to Bainod and a decision to restore public access. I did it. (I haven't read the article in that detail, but it seems that the beach itself cannot be owned by the California Law, and it seems that the government will expure it for public interests). However, Binod refused to do this, and California State Lands Commission tried to purchase access rights from Bainod, but Binod refused to offer this offer (or rather opened for 3 billion yen to open the road. Is requested) Apparently, I don't want anyone to access it. It seems that the gate was built on this Martins Beach Road and could not access. Martins-Beach His mansion is more than 3.2 billion yen in US $ 32 MILLION Japanese yen, and he doesn't live here. Until the beautiful Martins Beach Binod buys, it is a point that is crowded with family bathers and surfers. CAD_MARTINSBCH SCREEN-SHOT -2016-10-24-AT-17-28-08 What do you think of beaches and public beaches that you want to have a private beach? This legal struggle is still going on, and I would like to watch out what will happen in the future.

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