What is the popular Healthy Mexican "CHIPOTLE" in California?

Recently popular Fast Food Chipotle Mexican Grill Chipotre Mexican Grill CHIPOTLE refers to pepper harpeno dried in Spanish. The other day, when I went to California, I was repeating a lot. What is very different from other fast food is that it's healthy. The price range is about $ 10 for lunch and slightly higher than other fast food, but it is worth it. So I often went to eat chipotle after surfing. This is from the official Instagram, but this is just this. It is a super easy system just to enter the entrance and select Bowl or Burrito and put it in like a subway.
First of all, you can see in a bite that the materials used and the high quality are high.
This avocado is delicious ~ It's irresistible just looking at it. By the way, this is what I ate. Avocado heap! Favorite food! chipo It is quite valuable to be able to eat something good for the body, even though it is fast food, and it is a bad for the body with excessive calories with American fast food = junk! The image was overturned at once. In the United States, this Chipotle is already listed in the United States, whether it has a strong health fast food needs that can be eaten at a reasonable price as it is healthy. By the way, in the United States, there are people who have eaten this chipotle for a year every day. Of course, I do not eat, but I work out every day, but it seems that this was featured on various media sites and emphasized the healthy chipotle.
Chipotle, which I eat every day, is also up
If you have any balanced delicious Mexican CHIPOTLE California, please try it once! If I could do it in Shonan, I would go after surfing.

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