What is Stema regulation? Explain the regulation target and its countermeasures!

by Takushi Matsuura

Did you know that the revision of the Premiums Labeling Law has been regulated in October 2023 (Genwa 5)?

Marketing using SNS is now overflowing, but isn't it a marketing that gets caught by a stemic regulation?

This time, we will introduce the regulations and the correct display regarding Stema regulations.

What is Stema?

Do you know what Stema refers to in the first place?
Stema is an abbreviation for stealth marketing, a marketing method that advertises products and services without indicating advertising to consumers.

Pretending to be a general consumer, an employee writes the good points of its own products,
This refers to the act of having an influencer a post that introduces the product to SNS without displaying an advertisement.

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Stemch regulation

From October 2023, the revision of the prize labeling law has been regulated by the above stemning.

If a stemmer is performed and the regulation is subject to regulation, it is subject to a measure order that orders the Consumer Affairs Agency to withdraw and prevent recurrence.

If you violate the measures, you will be imprisoned for two years or less or a fine of 3 million yen or less.

These measures orders and penaltiesThe business operator is eligibleWill be. The influencer posted is not eligible.

By this revisionPast posts are also eligible for regulationTherefore, it is necessary to take measures against the past.

Be careful not to delete past posts, or partially change posts and texts to be regulated.

In order not to get caught by Stema regulation

Take measures to do so in order not to be subject to Stema regulations.

When performing influencer marketing / SNS marketing, you will be posted on SNS and video services such as X (former Twitter), Instagram, and YouTube.

At that time, the fact that this content is an advertisement must be clear.

If XHashtag (#PR)If it is InstagramTie -up postIf you are YouTubePromotional telopBe sure to make a display that can be found at a glance, such as using it.

As a business operator, let's check the contents of the post in advance, and make sure that these displays are being performed properly.

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Stema regulations are mainly for companies that advertise and advertise. Be careful when using marketing using SNS.

Influencers who have been asked to post should also have a good knowledge.

If the content of the request does not include the "hashtag", it can be distinguished that it is a company with a weak knowledge and recognition.

Check in advance so that you don't get involved in trouble.

Stema has become a major problem in the past, both in Japan and overseas.

At present, there are few companies that are actively performing stemning, but there is a good chance that you have forgotten the hashtag.

Now that marketing using influencers and SNS has become common, let's try to operate firmly.

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