What is Shopify Collabs? ? Useful for influencer marketing! ! What should I be aware of when using?

by Tomoe Onishi

The biggest bottleneck in selling our own products at SHOPIFY isHow to raise recognition and awarenessmaybe.

SHOPIFY is a platform where each site is independent, so it is basically not basically not that customers will flow from searches on the site, or that other companies' products will be displayed as related products on other companies built in SHOPIFY.

This time, a tool that can solve that trouble

"SHOPIFY COLLABS"I will explain the precautions when using it.

What is Shopify Collabs?

According to the Shopify formulaShopify Collabs is

"Market Place Style Apps that will help you collaborate with merchant and creators"

It seems to be.

In other words, it was the neck of the site made at Shopify.

How to increase the inflow into customer sites,Applications useful for collaboration with influencersabout it.

And SHOPIFY COLLABSYou can use it for free!

Also note that the app here means not a normal application downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store, but an application that introduces from the SHOPIFY management screen.

From here, I will explain in detail what I can do using Shopify Collabs.

What can you do?

Simply put on what you can do with Shopify Collabs

It is a simplification of work and procedures in influencer marketing.

The procedure for collaborating with influencers (SHOPIFY officially called creators) to increase the name recognition of our products

Selection of collaboration opponents that were in our company


Make a contract

Give rewards (Requires both agreements such as handing over rewards and timing)

It looks like this when you divide it broadly.

It is only four steps when it comes to letters, but each work is surprisingly heavy. 。 。

Selection of collaboration partner

The first step is the selection of the collaboration opponent, but you can reduce your working time with Shopify Collabs!

One of the functions of Shopify Collabs

There is a function to search and narrow down the influencer.

For example, you are selling shoes mainly in LA"will do.

vinegarThen, as shown in the image above, setting the keyword and location will display an influencer that automatically meets the conditions. It is convenient to be able to check detailed information such as the engagement rate of the displayed influencer!

However, as a precaution, to the influencer found here,You can't start interacting through ShopifySo you need to contact DM and email. (Specifically, send an application page and wait for the creator to apply for a collaboration.

Negotiations of conditions and payment of rewards

When the collaboration partner is finished, the next step is negotiating the conditions.

I would also like to say that this step will be greatly easier with the power of Shopify Collabs,The reality is subtle.

First, one of the functions of SHOPIFIFY COLLABS is an affiliate.

This is a system that says, "If you ask Mr. A to advertise the product, and if there is a purchase from that link, a part of the sale will be transferred to Mr. A."

You can decide the details of the transfer here yourself, and you can customize it, such as no transfer, setting a ratio, and handing a fixed amount. By the way, the creator who contracts requires PayPal cooperation, so it is probably the most major way to pay with PayPal.You can definitely pay with PayPalI'm grateful to have decided!

Affiliate rewardDetails can be set, and if creators agree to this reward, contract. Payment is PayPal.

As you can do so, it can be said that it has a useful function for affiliates.

butWhen contracting with the influencer,Cases to pass not only affiliate rewards, but also rewards in advanceMany,You need to do all the exchange there yourself.

Also regarding contracts other than prior rewards, It is necessary to sign a contract between the secondary use, the detailed specification of the photo video, the date and time of the post, etc., and even if a trouble occurs there, the possibility that SHOPIFY will intervene will be close to zero.So, for parts other than affiliate rewards, signs a contract outside the function of SHOPIFY COLLABS and exchanges.is needed.

If the shooting and posts are completely left to the creator, and if the reward is determined to be only affiliate, it will be completed only with the function of Shopify Collabs.It is a very useful tool for companies that want many influencers to advertise because they are not particular about the details!

Precautions when using

Image byndemello FromPixabay​​

As you can see from this, you can still see, but still SHOPIFY COLLABS has many underdeveloped parts.

For example, the fact that affiliate rewards are not automatically transferred.I think there are more points to improve.

In particular, the money that generates other than affiliate rewards cannot be managed by Shopify Collabs, so the timing of passing the money, etc.It is important to check in advance so that it does not develop into trouble.

againHe explained that one of the functions could be found in search, but since the creator displayed in the candidate is not necessarily suitable for product advertising, the establishment of the influencer is not only data but also direct accounts. Check it out.

This time, SHOPIFY's new feature, SHOPIFYHere is a summary of COLLABS. Go Ride provides information about SHOPIFY and digital marketing, so if you are interested, please register an e -mail magazine.

Click here for explanation about Shopify official SHPIFY COLLABS →

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