What are the trendy meal kit subscription 4 president and weaknesses?

by Chie Suzuki

In recent years, meal kit's subscription has gained popularity as a convenient solution for busy individuals and families to save the trouble of eating and cooking. It is said that the ingredients divided in advance and recipes that can be easily produced can reduce the waste of ingredients and save time. In recent years, the finished ones have been frozen and delivered, and some can be eaten simply by thawing in a microwave oven.

But of course there are advantages and disadvantages. This time, we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of the meal kit subscription, and the subscription service of the trendy meal kit in the United States where the author lives!

Meal kit sub -school benefits

Easy to:

One of the biggest advantages of commuter purchases of meal kit is to provide unparalleled convenience. Just click a few times to deliver a one -week meal to the entrance. You don't have to think about menus or buy ingredients. The ingredients are properly wrapped, the amount is fixed in advance, and you are ready to transform into a delicious dish.

The width of the dish is expanded:

Meal kit service greatly expands the width of the dishes. There are diverse recipes and dishes that you have never heard of, and a variety of recipes and dishes that you did not want to try. From exotic multinational dishes to trendy fusion dishes, the meal kit expands the taste and excites the dining table.

Potion control and waste reduction:

Is there an empty seasoning in a halfway or a vegetable sleeping in the refrigerator without using it? Meal kits are accurate, so the possibility of wasting ingredients is low. If you use the ingredients that match the recipe, you can minimize the excess and pay attention to the amount.

Easy to cook:

Meal kit recipes are explained in an easy -to -understand manner for veterans and beginners. Following this guide will improve your cooking skills and confidence, and complex dishes will be more familiar.

Fresh and high -quality ingredients:

A reputable meal kit service gives priority to using fresh and high -quality ingredients. These kits often provide meals using top -notch ingredients, from fresh vegetables to be sustained in a sustainable way.

You can choose a meal according to your diet:

There are various diets, such as vegan, vegetarian, ket diet, lactose free. Many people would be similar if they were cooking on their own. By using a meal kit, you can expand your dishes in your diet without worrying.

There are many advantages, but there are some disadvantages.

Disadvantages of Meal Kit Subsque


One of the main drawbacks of the meal kit subscription is the cost. It cannot be denied that it is convenient to reach the dining table on a regular basis, but it can be more expensive than conventional food shopping. For budget -oriented people, you may find that regular expenses are not realistic.

Waste of packaging:

The convenience of cooked ingredients is that packaging is also a negative aspect. Meal kits are usually accompanied by a considerable amount of packaging, which is one of the environmental issues related to the disposal of plastic and cardboard.

Limited flexibility:

There are various recipes in the meal kit service, but the degree of freedom when choosing ingredients is slightly limited. If you have a specific diet, restrictions, and allergies, you may find it difficult to find the right meal options in regular purchases.

Delivery reliability:

Delivery problems may occur depending on your area or the provider of the meal kit. If the delivery is delayed or the ingredients are insufficient, the meal plan may be interrupted and you may feel inconvenient.

Commitment pressure:

If you use the services of the meal kit, you may be under pressure to use regularly to make the most of the usage fee. Once you sign a contract, it may be troublesome to cancel, and if you do not use it well, it may be wasted.

From here on, we will introduce the popular meal kit brand in the United States.

Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh is a subscription service of the meal kit that is developing internationally. Hello Fresh was founded in Germany in 2011 and has been deployed around the world. It can be used in many regions including Japan.

Hello Fresh services provide recipes and menus that can be selected every week. Users can choose dishes according to their preferences and dietary restrictions. Based on the selected recipe, fresh ingredients are delivered and the required amount is measured in advance. This can reduce the stock of extra ingredients and waste.

Hello Fresh ingredients are high quality, featuring fresh vegetables, high quality meat, and sustainable seafood. All ingredients needed for cooking are set, eliminating the trouble of cooking. The recipe is detailed and easy to understand, and is provided to people with a wide range of cooking skills, from beginners to advanced users.


MARTHA STEWART & MARLEY SPOON is a subscription service of a famous cook and interior designer, Martha Stewart, and a joint meal kit provided by Marley Spoon.

Martha Stewart is famous for having a wide range of experiences on cooking and home accents, reflecting her knowledge and ideas in this service. The recipe is supervised by Martha Stewart himself, providing simple, elegant but delicious dishes.

The Marley Spoon is a leading company in the meal kit industry and provides services in many countries. Their services are evaluated for using high -quality ingredients, focusing on the freshness of ingredients, and adopting environmentally friendly packing methods.


Factor is a subscription service of a meal kit that is mainly developed in the United States. Previously, it was known as Factor 75, but is now simply operated under the name Factor.

Factor specializes in providing healthy and nutritious diets. The feature of the service is that a completely cooked dish cooked by a professional chef is provided. Users can choose a meal from a wealth of menus according to your taste and dietary restrictions every week.

Factor's meal uses fresh and organic ingredients, and offers simple and healthy dishes that do not contain genetically modified, preservatives, and artificial sweeteners. Each meal is in one individual container at a time, so there is no need to prepare for meals and clean up.

The Factor menu is also available in low carbohydrates, high proteins, gluten -free, dairy -free, or specific dietary restrictions. Users can select the menu according to their diet, so you can customize them according to individual needs.

Home Chef

HOME CHEF is a subscription service of a meal kit that is mainly developed in the United States. The purpose is to provide fresh ingredients and simple recipes to customers and enjoy cooking easily at home.

The feature of HOME CHEF is that you can customize meals from a wide variety of menus according to your taste and dietary restrictions. Customers will be set as much as necessary ingredients and delivered in a set based on the selected recipe.

The HOME CHEF menu offers meat dishes, fish dishes, vegetable dishes, or options for people with specific diets and dietary restrictions. You can also select additional menus such as fruits, salads, and desserts.


What did you think? Meal kit subscriptions combine convenience, cooking, and improving cooking skills, which is an attractive option for many people. However, it is important to decide on a regular basis, taking into account elements such as budget, environmental impact, personal dietary needs. By comparing the advantages and weaknesses introduced in this blog post, you can select enough information to see if the regular purchase of the meal kit suits your lifestyle and the desire for cooking. please give me!



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