[Update over 100! ] SHOPIFY EDITION SUMMER 2023! The cutting edge of EC utilizing AI.

by Mitsuaki Akatsuki

On July 26, SHOPIFY includes more than 100 products updates.Edition Summer 2023Was released!
There were large -scale updates, from product descriptions using AI to emails, new UI extension functions, customization of check -out with API, and relaxation of SHOPIFY FLOW plan restrictions!

Here are five notable updates.

1. AI specialized in commerce

AI specialized in commerce

This is the appearance of an AI assistant called "Sidekick", which incorporates the generated AI function in SHOPIFY.
Sidekick understands your intentions and adjust the sentence to make it clearer. Because it is designed to be used in conversation format, you can start a creative process using everyday language and overcome the failure of writing.

Faster, achieve more

Leave repeated tasks, troublesome workflows, and re -investigation to Sidekick. SideKick can be used for free and unlimited in all plans, so you can end the toDo list in a shorter time.

What can you do?

The generated AI like Chat GPT can be used in SHOPIFY.

For example, it is possible to assist in working that has been takes time, such as automatic response to inquiries, writing product information, and creating email subjects and content.

It is necessary to actually try out how accurate it is, but it seems that there is a way to use it, such as putting keywords and creating drafts suitable for SEO!

2. You can use SHOPIFY FLOW even with a basic plan

Shopify Flow

SHOPIFY FLOW, which has been available for a plan with more than a standard, is now available for basic plans!

SHOPIFY FLOW is often used by us, such as tagging, email transmission, and customer management. The binding of the plan was sometimes a bottleneck, but it is a big update that can be used with a basic plan!

The range of proposals to the client is likely to expand.

3. New visual design of improved management screen

SHOPIFY management screen

The design of the management screen is new. The renewed visual design and a single -row layout homepage enhances and concentrates all operations and improves functionality.

Design update

The data and content have become even easier to understand, and the interactivity of the management screen has become clearer. With the improvement of fonts and icons and higher information density, new designs are more practical, efficient, effective, and easier to use.

Improvement of setting system

The setting system has been reconstructed so that you can easily operate it and find the necessary content.

Alert feed

The alert feed has been updated so that it can be easily understood, so that unread alerts can be easily identified.


Shopify Credit

A lump -sum business card "SHOPIFY CREDIT" for entrepreneurs has appeared! It does not affect the credit score at all, can be used anywhere in a place where Visa® is accepted, and can receive cashback. No fees or interest rates. Currently, limited use is possible only in some businesses in the United States.

Up to 3 % cashback

It seems that you can get 3%for the target category and 1%for other categories.

5. Significant update of check -out function

World class check -out, new one -page check -out, integrated extended platform, regular upsel and personalized delivery.

Check -out function of SHOPIFY that is enhanced every time. There was a significant update this time!

Enhanced check -out editor

Enhanced check -out editor allows you to edit one page check -out, thank you page, and new customer account page. Currently available in developer previews, it is a SHOPIFY PLUS limited function.

Personalized delivery method

Use ready -made UI components and new expansion points to build an application that customizes delivery options such as pickup date and instructions. SHOPIFY PLUS is limited.

Use a custom font for check -out

You can finish check -out on your own appearance and atmosphere with the checkout Branding API. We have also started supporting custom fonts. SHOPIFY PLUS limited.


SHOPIFY has told you about the update you are interested in about "Edition Summer 2023", including more than 100 products updates!

SHOPIFY has an update every time, but this time there were many updates, including updates using AI, the appearance of credit cards, and a major check -out update.

Especially in AI, it is used in various industries, so I'm worried about how accurate it is!

Some functions can also access early, so if you can try it, I would like to write a report article again.

Thank you for reading.




A designer living in Chicago. Also in charge of coding. In Japan, he works for a web production company and is sensitive to the trend of the web industry.


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