Until 6/30 open call for participants: About the construction of a site using the Kanagawa small and medium -sized business subsidy

by Miho Kumagai
A subsidy for businesses in the prefecture, affected by the new colon virus infection, was announced by Kanagawa Prefecture. Go Ride, based in Yokohama and LA, will help you build and update websites and mail order sites using this subsidy. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us! We look forward to your introduction.

Kanagawa Prefectural SME / Small Business Restoration Promotion Project A subsidy

EC site construction and update at SHOPIFY, Internet advertising expenses are subsidized up to 1 million yen. * Confirmation of conditions
  • Application item
    Site construction, update, LP production, Internet advertising expenses, etc.
  • Compensation target business
    Non -faced business model structureCategorized to "advertising expenses" for construction and infectious disease expansion.
  • Amount of compensation
    Up to 1 million yen
  • Application condition
    Kanagawa Prefecture Homepage 6 About how to applyPublic offeringPlease confirm
    (2) In the case of WEB / EC construction, order, payment, and that pairThe condition is that the elephant EC is standing up and moving. Ordawa from Tuesday, April 7, 2nd from Tuesday, 3rd, 3rd yearUntil Sunday (Friday)
  • Revitalization support type open call for participants
    Secreten 2 years (Friday) to 2 years from FridayUntil Tuesday, June 30
  • Adoption date
    Depending on the number of applications, from July to August as early as possible

For more informationKanagawa Prefecture HomepagePlease confirm!

Recommended for such businesses

  • SMEs with corporate registration or business establishments in Kanagawa prefecture
    (Registration can be applied only to the creation of a site for that store if there is a retail store in Kanagawa, even if it is not in Kanagawa Prefecture).
  • Business example: Restaurants, services, retailing, etc.
  • Detailed conditionsKanagawa Prefecture HomepagePlease confirm!

This is possible with Shopify x Go Ride!

  • Easy -to -use web / mail order site (responsive design
  • Take -out, regional delivery, reservation, chat, multilingualization, etc.Functional expansion
  • Product sales (both in Japan and cross -border are possible)
  • Building period: Fast and 2 months to 2 months
  • Construction cost: Please contact us.

◎ About the construction of GORIDE SHOPIFY

https://www.goriderep.com/ja/ world175Country"SHOPIFY" official Eki used by over 1 million peoplespurt.

Shopify Official: New Coronavirus infection support measures

We have published resources useful for business management to business owners who have already operated SHOPIFY and those who are going to start.

Correspondence to new colon virus infections (COVID-19)

① Gift cards are available with all plans ② Local collection / delivery ③ $ 200 million for financing of small and medium-sized enterprises $ 200 million ④ Free trial 14 days → 90 days So please refer to it. https://www.shopify.jp/blog/topics/covid-19
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One -stop offered from EC construction to advertising operation.