[Travel] Surfed to Ogasawara Islands to Chichijima

I hear that the number of backpackers such as backpackers has increased since it was recognized as the Ogasawara Islands Chichijima World Heritage Site. The number of people who have been to travel is increasing. Here, I would like to introduce the surf lip in Ogasawara. Even if you are new to surfing, if you go to the shop, you will be able to play with confidence because it will tell you at the school. Ogasawara transportationIt takes 25 hours by boat from Takeshiba Pier in Tokyo. There is no airplane. Four points to go to Self -Lip to Ogasawara 1. You can surf in the special beautiful sea. It is the world's leading transparency. You can easily see the seabed several meters away from the ground with the naked eye. 2. Points are empty. Although the number of visitor surfers has increased, it is still empty. 3. Unlike airplanes, there is no board charge. 4. Local people are warmly healed. Immediately introduce photos, leave Tokyo and have a 25 -hour trip from here. I was so shaken that I was about to get sick, so I stopped drunk. Img_4589 Even if it is cloudy, it is this transparency. It's a pity that the photos are shy, so the splendor cannot be conveyed at 10 %. Honestly, the sea with the transparency so far went to the sea around the world, but I really don't remember it! Img_4615 Img_4699 Img_4618 There is a great whale statue in the dock Img_4727 It was surprisingly delicious for the collar. Img_4604 You can check the surf point like this Img_4716 Get off the mountain path and get rid of the wave check.Img_4715 It was a pretty bad road depending on the point. SCREEN SHOT 2015-10-15 at 10.34.41 PM Img_4598 Unfortunately, most of the time was a small day during my stay, but I was able to enjoy surfing that would be washed on surfing days. Here are some photos from other sites when the waves of Ogasawara are good from other sites. DoragonPoint1 Buta nakada2 Titjimatizubest11 Let's protect only these three visitor
① Let's enter the sea after understanding the characteristics of the points well! Ogasawara's surf points vary from sandy beaches that even beginners can enjoy to rocky -packed points. Especially when riding in Ogasawara for the first time, please know the characteristics of each surf point well before entering. ② Never leave garbage in the sea! The sea in Ogasawara is known as one of the most transparent seas worldwide. In order to protect such a beautiful sea, do not leave garbage on the coast. ③ Fun and surf with the rules and manners! The people who are riding in Ogasawara are all friendly people. But at the first point, taking a rugged waves or riding in front is outrageous! Follow the rules and manners firmly and enjoy the waves with local people on the island!
There is only one surf shop on the island, so if you want to surf the Ogasawara beautiful sea, you may want to go here. Surf shop RAO Ogasawara Village, Ogasawara Village Chichijima Character Ogiura ℡04998-2-2081 I also carry out schools and tours. When there is no wave, my friend fished and took it to the izakaya and had it handled. 。 This must have been a grouper. Img_4713 I forgot to take a picture, but after this, I drank shochu shochu with a ladder, ate an island ice cream, and enjoyed it with the island. The interaction with local people is also fun again! ■ Watch out of the specialty! The jump from the ship is amazing! When you leave Ogasawara, the ship will run in parallel! Olympus Digital Camera Img_4738 Olympus Digital Camera Olympus Digital Camera Olympus Digital Camera By the way, it is January! Although it is Ogasawara, it is almost in the middle of winter, and after a considerable parallel! And on this day, the swell was ridiculously high, but I was surprised to jump in in a swimsuit. I couldn't take a picture properly, but after this, I came out to dolphins and whales and got it off. It was so much made and I thought I was trained. Olympus Digital Camera How was that? Please touch the warmth of Ogasawara and the beauty of the sea once at the solitary island Ogasawara Ogasawara. There are only ships from Takeshiba Pier in Tokyo, so when you live in a long distance to Tokyo for those who live in the Kansai region, Go RidePlease share with you :) You can save money and drive easily MADOKA BUS3

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